Saturday, January 24, 2009

Arithritis and work.....

I'm sorry I haven't been on more.But arthritis has settled in both hands and they are swelled and painful. One of the girls at my night job has quit and the load has shifted to the rest of the night crew.That means I'm working 5 nights a week till they hire someone else. If I want a night off, another girl has to work a 12 hour shift. That doesn't seem right to me I keep plugging away. 60 hours a week isn't bad if you're 21, but at 55(next month) it isn't easy.
Now on to something else.... My hens have started laying. They average 3 eggs a day. I also have 8 roosters...Which mean all but 2 are history. I'm keeping the most dominate and prettiest one, and the banty (bantam) rooster. He has what we call Easter chicken blood. They have the colored eggs.
The ones I'm getting are small and light pink. The eggs will get bigger and the hens will start laying everyday when it warms up.My chickens are spoiled rotten and are very tame. When I go in the pen they will fly up and land on my arms and shoulders. You can reach down and pick them up they are so tame. I've had a lot of people want to buy them, NO WAY!!!. I told them I would set some eggs for them in the spring if they wanted. I want to find someone with chickens and set some of the eggs so my chickens will have new hens and roosters. I don't need in-breeding .
Jon bless his heart, lost his rabbit yesterday....... I really don't know what happened. He just started losing weight and got to where he couldn't get up.But the rabbit ate and drank all the time. So no more rabbits for us. Jon wants a duck for a pet, I've tried to tell him they don't make good pets.But they do make good duck and dressing!! LOL.
Well I started writing this about 2:00 pm. I also washed a load of clothes and went to work for 5 hours. Now I'm home and tired and getting ready for bed. I won't stay away as long next time. I hope everyone is doing ok and I want you to know I am praying for each and everyone of you. Good-night everyone and God bless.


Diane@Diane's Place said...

Hey Sis, good to see a new post from you. I've thought about calling you but never seem to get around to it. I don't want to bother you when you do have any time off. I know you want to spend as much time as possible with Big John and Little Jon.

So you're finally getting some eggs. Too bad about having so many roosters, but they make good fried chicken or dumplin's. You know if I could I'd have chickens for sure.

Sounds like Jon's rabbit might have had renal failure. They just do that sometimes, don't have to have any particular reason.

Sorry you're having trouble with Arthur. Me too, but not really any worse than usual right now.

Hope you get to have some time off soon. I know the money's good but these old bodies need rest sometimes too.

Love y'all,


Linds said...

I am so sorry to hear the arthritis is playing up, Donna. I know what that feels like. I have NO idea how you are managing to work 60 hrs a week though! It is great to see you posting! We won't forget you, I promise!

Jess said...

Glad for the update, and I'm so sorry about your hands. You know I'm praying for you... and hopefully they will get someone hired quickly...

Love you... why can't Jon want a huge bull frog or something...LOL

Of course then you'd tell him frogs are better fried...the legs preferably...LOL


zzop357 said...

NO!!!! I love frogs!!!! TO PLAY WITH ONLY!!!! I would never eat a frog!!!!
Love you too,Donna

Nancy said...

Sorry to hear about your hands. I have had bursitis in first my shoulder, then a knee, and now I have phlebitis in the other leg! Hobbling around like an old lady...LOL

I know what you mean about working at your age. It doesn't get any easier, trust me! I certainly couldn't keep the work pace I was keeping 10 years ago, I know that. I was working full time out of the home in an office, and I just couldn't do it today. Just getting up every morning and getting ready to go out the door would kill me...I am so stiff and in pain every morning. This getting old isn't what it's what it's cracked up to be! ha-ha

Hope you feel better soon. I am back on the prednisone right now...and it is good stuff, but it has so many side effects. What's a person to do, though?

Get well soon now!

((( HUGS )))

Aunt Jenny said...

I am sure sorry to hear about your hands! My knee is really acting up this week too..this cold weather really dosn't help does it? YOu take care of yourself.
If you DO get Jon a duck be sure to get a male. They make better pets and they are much quieter. I usually ONLY like female pets (not that I only HAVE female pets) but ducks are an exception for sure.
Stay warm and get some rest!!!

Nancy said...

Hope you are all safe and doing okay through that ice storm! The pics on TV looked was pretty but a bad storm! Jessica has been keeping everyone updated on her blog.

I have 3 awards waiting for you over at my blog. I am passing them on to all of my readers so please drop by and grab them. You and your blog are so deserving of them!!!

((( HUGS )))

kansasrose said...

Hey hon,

You are in my prayers dear Donna. Noooo fun having those swollen, hurtin' hands. Bless you dear friend, I hope things slow down some and you can get some time off or back to a normal schedule for work. I hear ya on the over 50 aches and pains...and trying to keep up with work, family. You rock it out everyday woman, and are the best of the best. I mean that from the heart. I've been real lax on blogging too, don't have the time. Happy late birthday too! ( Saw on jess's blog) Hope you enjoyed your special day! Will your arthritis back off when warmer weather comes? Mine seems to be worse in cold weather. Take care dear friend, I think on you often. Love, Jen