Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ice Storm!!!! *Update* Pictures*

From the back of the house.
Neighbors yard.
Blueberries, buds under ice.
Ditch in front of house.
South down the street.People pulled the tree tops out of the street.
Pecan trees and saw tooth oaks, destroyed.

Pine trees almost wiped out.
Pine limb on my clothes line, its now 2 foot off the ground....
First things first!!! We are all ok. The power isn't dependable so I may or may not be on. The power was on a few hours last night here, then a limb fell on some lines and it was out all night. We were cold but okay. I'm gonna post this now while I can. We will all be back on as we can. Harrisburg has some electric, Trumann has none.(Cecil) lives in Trumann. Diane(Bay) has no electric. My home is up to 54 degrees now and the heat has been on an hour......Most if not all the trees are damaged. I will post pictures when I can. Please pray for everyone.6 have died already from this storm.
God bless, Donna


Linds said...

Will do. It is so good to hear you are ok. Take care now!

Nancy said...

Glad to hear that you all are safe and okay! That was a terrible storm! The pics are pretty but the damage is not!

54 degrees!!! How low did it get inside? I was thinking about you all!

((( HUGS )))

Greeneyes said...

Great to hear your ok , What nasty weather , nice pics but nasty nasty weather . Hope it is gone for good , ANd you girl , you need some rest working to hard as usual! the old bones will creak and crack and hurt , they are trying to tell you something !!
The chickens must be neat to have them that tame , I would love to see that , and I never heard of coloured eggs except for brown and a pale pale blue . Must take pics when your not working so hard and post them . I m sorry about the Bunny , good luck with the Duck and not the roasted one ;-)LOL
Hugs , hope you get a break ! take care
God Bless xo