Friday, December 12, 2008

Not a lot happening here2.

Still not a lot going on here. I'm at home trying to get over a nasty stomach virus. I went to work this morning...and was sent home.Turns out the Dr. didn't release me to go back to work till tomorrow.....I missed that some how. So here I am.
I still don't have my tree up, I will this weekend though. I just hate to move every thing around to put it up. I will put up pictures when I do. You won't see any presents under the tree. We have a 13 year old that has a fit to get in them. He's not as bad as his mother was.She would cry from the time the tree was up, till Christmas day.Tammy had to know what was in every box under the tree.
I am in a baking mood, maybe some cookies.....Sure sounds good. I have the dough to make white/chocolate macadamia cookies. I know I have to make *Toll house* cookies too. I also bought a fudge mix to make, by *Eagle brand*.It was cheaper to buy the the mix than to buy everything separate.
I realize I haven't been around much. This time of the year I really miss Mom and Dad.Daddy died the 19/th of this month. But I start feeling better when I put the tree up and start cooking. We used to get together at Mom's and Dad's for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Now I stay home and do the cooking for my Son and Daughter and Grand kids. We have to start our own tradition for our family's. I just wish I had a bigger house some holidays....
I hope and pray everyone is enjoying the up coming Holidays. This will be the first year I have 2 weeks off for Christmas. The first week I will spend cooking, the second week recovering!!! LOL. I know we will pile into the car the night before and drive a round looking at Christmas lights. We have done this since we married. We go out to eat and then look at the lights.
I'll try to get a round more, things are slowing down at work so I can be on more. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
God bless you all. Donna


Diane@Diane's Place said...

Sorry you've got the old heave ho's, Sister. I'd rather have a bleeding wound than be heaving sick, as you know well. Hope you feel better soon.

I'm not cooking much of anything this year. Besides not having extra money for candy and stuff, I'm just not in the mood for all that candy making and baking this year. I'm going to make some glazed pecans, meringue pecans and some butter shortbread and I think that's gonna be it.

I think about Mama and Daddy every day and especially around the holidays. I miss them but life goes on. They'd want us to make our own family traditions and enjoy Christmas with our families.

I'm all stopped up and think I'm either getting another sinus infection or still fighting the last one that never went away. Ugh!

Merry Christmas and love y'all!


Aunt Jenny said...

Good to see you post Donna!!
I need to get some baking started too. I baked a batch (2 loaves) of Amish Friendship bread tonight...yum!! My house smells all vanilla and cinnamon and good tonight..and plan to do some more tomorrow. I am not going to pass out the rest of the starters..will just bake them up to give away I think.
I have 2 weeks off at Christmas will be nice! Just one more week of work (and school for the kids) until that starts. I am ready!! I am still getting used to milking early and getting off to work at 8:15 a.m.!
Have a great weekend!!

kansasrose said...

Hi hon,

You sound kinda "spent" girlfriend....this time of year can be tough when loved ones are not around but in heaven. You have my prayers Donna to get through...I know ya loved on your momma and daddy so much. I cried when I read this hon. Sweetie, be good to yourself and take the rest when you can in those 2 weeks off. You sound run down. You work so dang hard. That stomach flu is such a pain in the...Like Diane, I'd rather have a gapin' wound than tossin' my cookies into the porcelin throne!!! Don't worry about posting or blogging either...just take 'er easy babe. You still got some goods coming to ya from Kansas hon..I haven't forgotten. ( just scattered too many places right now putting out little fires) Take care and I'll chat with ya soon. Love and hugs, Jen xxxxooooo

Michelle said...

Hello sweetie! Get better real quick! Huggles!

Nancy said...

Hope you are feeling better by now. I hate those ole stomach bugs!!! Haven't had one in about 10 years, and I hope it's at least another 10 before I see one again, too! LOL

I have done NO baking yet at all! My daughter and I plan to bake all next weekend. She's in Montreal this week on business. She was doing so well getting her things finished up, too, and now had to go away for her job. Tomorrow is her 44th birthday, so I plan to do a post on that sometime tomorrow.

I am so sad around holidays, too. I lost my dad right after Christmas...Jan. 7, 1995, to be exact. We spent that Christmas at Duke Hospital in NC. Will never forget that Christmas, that's for sure. I am alone, parents and no husband anymore. So I don't even put up a tree. Besides not feeling up to a tree anymore, I have the cats to think about getting into it.

I had to chuckle when you said your daughter cried from the time the tree went up til Christmas, havting to know what was in every package. You must have had your hands full! LOL

Cheer up, my dear friend, and just get better before the holidays. You are right...we have to make our own traditions to pass on to our children now. Rest asssured, you are not alone missing your parents.....

Merry Christmas from SC!!!

Love you!

Nancy said...

I almost forgot to mention your new header!!! That little girl is beautiful!!!! I love your new look!!!

(((((( HUGS ))))))

Cecil said...

Hey... Glad you're feeling better. I hate the old v/d virus.. vomiting and diarrhea!! I'd rather not have anything but anyway...

This year has been kinda tough for me, too. Hubby came home and we put up the tree and that made me feel better. But I do miss Mama and Daddy so much. I have a small tree that Brian decorated im memory of Mama 2 years ago .. it is in the spare room... we just left it decorated last year and set it in there..... when he first did it and put it on the buffet in the kitchen, I almost cried. But I had to smile because it is decorated completely with birds! She loved the birds! So, it makes me happy when I look at it... I miss them so much but they wanted us to be happy and make lots of good memories ... I'm trying each year to do that and have our own traditions, like you said. I hope we can all do that. I love you and I miss seeing you... Love, Cecil

Anita said...

Love your new header!
I completely understand about the recovering thing... lol

You have a Merry and a Happy, too! :D

Rachel said...

Donna, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Jess said...

Love the new header... and Merry Christmas...hope you are well!

Love, Jess

Sister said...

Dear Donna,

Enjoy the time off with your family. Merry Christmas!



Cecil said...

Hope you all had a good day.. I did in spite of everything! Can you believe it's almost 2009?? I can't... Love y'all... Cecil

Nancy said...

Just checking in again to see if you had a new post up. Hope you are feeling better!

(((((( HUGS ))))))

kansasrose said...

Hi hon!

Just checkin' in on ya. How are ya? You've been on my mind the last few days so I thought I better see what you are up to. How are you feeling? I know winter can be tough on you and the arthritis. It's a b**ch for me too. My right hand joints hurts like heck. And the lower back spasms. yikes. You are one busy gal too. Same here...lots of fires to put out. lol. Just know YOU and yours are in my prayers friend... and I'm thinkin' good on ya. ( I still got that package to send ya too, maybe by spring I'll get all my stuff in order! lol, my wine turned nasty so I'll have to retry that) Hope you are feeling better too Donna! Take it a day at a time babe. Spring is just around the corner I hope. Loveyalots, Jen xxxxoooo

Lucy Stern said...

Hello! Donna are you there? Did you not survive your stomach virus...I haven't noticed anything on Diane's or Jessica's blog about a death in the Hope everything is OK with you....Happy New Year!