Saturday, August 11, 2007

Nice Matters!!!

Hey ya'll I just received this from Jen; Prairiefarmeress!!!!!
Thanks a lot Jen, You are one of the best!!!
Thanks a whole heap!!!
I'll pick some good folks out tomorrow for this award.
Look out I know theres lots of good folks out there!!!
Heres the list!!!!!
I think these good bloggers should get "Nice Matters Award!!!
(1) Diane of Dianes Place.
(2)Lisa of Cecils place
(3)Jen..of Prairiefarmeress...(invite only blog)
(4) Pea of Peas corner
(5)Granny of rocrebelgranny
(6) greeneyes of greeneyedgirlonplantetearth
(7) meow of varietiies of life
(8) Susie of susies place
(9)rachel of sliding thru life
(10) and last but not least Boomama of Boomama (of course) This lady keeps us on the straight and narrow, and keeps us southern too!!!!
Know-one told me how many to nominate so I did it my way!!!
Good day all:D and have fun trying to choose a few to pass this along too!!!
Aunt Jenny of Aunt Jenny's World, shes a great read ya'll!!!!!


Susie said...

Hi Donna,
I was just reading your post about all the wonderful food you're cooking for the people in the home. What a blessing you are to them!
Thanks so much for awarding me the "Nice Matters" award. I think you're truly deserving of this one!

Rachel said...

Oh, I'm so excited!! Thanks for the "Nice Matters" award!! How sweet!!!

Diane J. said...

Aw shucks, thanks Sis! I like you a little bit too. ;oD I'll update my post and add you to the links.

Gotta get me a snack and hit the hay before too long. Emmy will be here bright and early in the morning. Makes for a long day too, 'cause I rarely get a nap when she's here.

Love you,


Granny said...

Thank you.

You might not think that if you'd ever heard me ranting around here.

PEA said...

Hi Donna:-) Getting caught up with your news finally! First of all, congratulations on the NICE award, you so deserve it!! And thank you so much for passing it on to always warms my heart when someone thinks of me:-) I do hope you and Diane get to go camping next weekend, I know how much you two enjoy that. I don't think I would survive in the kind of heat you guys have been's in the high 70's, low 80's here and that's hot enough for me! lol Bless your heart for doing so much home cooking for the nursing home patients, I'm sure they appreciate it no end!!! xoxo

kansasrose said...

YOU are the best girlfriend! And your sis Diane ( I'm sure all your big family is wonderful) have blessed my life with your genuine kind and good hearts. Thanks for passin this on too. Oh and HI PEA! Pea is one of the best and sweetest bloggers there is too! Love ya all! Jenxxxooo ps I'm about to cook's 106 at 6 pm today! Hurry up September! :)DH wants my homemade lasagna for supper and it's so hot to cook let alone eat heavy. :O

Mountain Mama said...

Congratulations on the pretty award. I got one too. It seems to be pretty popular.
I hope you are able to enjoy your camping trip soon.

kansasrose said...

Oh and Aunt Jenny is a good friend of mine! She is so sweet! I love her blog too! :)

kansasrose said...

Take lots of pics on your camping trip hon! Are ya gonna watch for shooting stars? :) There are visible here around midnight through 2 am.

Cecil said...

Hey...I told Diane you both need to be careful in this heat this weekend.... have a great time and I pray you get there and back safely... Love y'all...

Dick said...

So how did the camping trip go? There are tents with AC. My son was with the Marines (he's Navy) in Kuwait during the time of the "actual" war. He came home in early June and about that time they got AC for their tents. Of course he didn't get to enjoy it as it came after he left. But the summer temps there rarely go much above 120 or so and I guess it cools down to 100 or so at night. And the humidity is low.

kansasrose said...

Did ya take pics of your camping trip? Sending ya a surprise! Loveya, jen