Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hot and Dry!!!

I don't know whats wrong with blogger!!!!
It is determined to unline everything no matter what I do!
So , here are some pictures from last years camp out.
I forgot my camera, Diane has pictures on her blog
of this years campout.
We had a very interesting time I can tell you.
I wish you could have seen Diane when she looked over and saw the coon at the table.

She made the weirdest noise....and JUMPED,and tried to be still at the same time..LOL
I said what is it!! She said theres eyes looking at me!!She shined the light and there was a coon sitting on the bench with his paws and head on the table looking at her.Like,"Where's the food?"LOL.
I pulled my chair closer to the tent, so I could watch for the coon.Then, I heard something under my chair kinda behind me. I told Diane and she shined the light. OH WOW, a very pretty
stripped kitty!!! SKUNK!!! I stayed very still till it wandered off. I didn't want to have to wear roller skates and have Diane pull me at the end of a very long rope ALL the way home.
No Sir, don't upset the kitty!!!!.
Other than the uninvited visitors we had a very hot time...literally, around 100 degree's in the daytime.
The camp-site we wanted had a nut parked in it. I mean a very strange man. He had lots of fun all by himself. He talked, sang,and had a good time..ALL BY HIMSELF. OKEY DOKEY.....
To each his own. I slept with my little friend(I have training and a license)380 beside my bed.
I don't like surprises at night,or 2 legged visitors. We had plenty of fun from the 4 legged furry visitors.
The water was lower this time, but it still was cool and clear. We hoped for a good rain while we were such luck. It would have been nice though. The mountains are still beautiful and I'd still like to live there. I don't see that happening anytime soon.But I love to visit anytime of the year. Our next trip won't be til cooler weather. Us fat girls can't handle the heat anymore. Even Jon just wilted if he wasn't swimming.The horsefly's were awful too.It was fun watching Jon try and out run them.
Time for this old girl to hit the hay...Until next time I bid you Adieu


Diane J. said...

Mercy, but it was indeed hot! Other than that, it was a great trip. But I do like it when it's cooler, for camping and otherwise. I like to be able to enjoy the heat of the fire, not dread having to get close to it.

Here's to cooler weather next time we camp...

No Sunday Dinner tomorrow, we're eating out or picking something up to bring back here.

Love you more than that baglady Cecil. ;D


Aunt Jenny said...

SOunds like so much fun..we haven't camped enough this year...too hot!! I think we will have to do some fall camping for sure..the kids have complained about staying too close to home all summer (a milk cow will do that to ya..but we can take off if it is close enough for me to sneak back home and milk) so hopefully Sept will be more camping and fishing. I don't blame you a bit for sleeping with your "friend". I would have too!!

Mountain Mama said...

What a time you had!!! The coon would have been enough wild life for me, but the skunk would be too much! I'm impressed with how well you handled it.
Love your pictures too, especially Diane sitting in the water while fishing. I think that is so cute.
You made some wonderful memories.

kansasrose said...

You are one kick *** and take names later broad...I love it. I cracked up at this post hon...with me I would have slept my .38 and I'm not talkin' bra size. That man sounded very odd. The heat brings out strange people. Poor little critters were hungry...I had this visual of Diane pulling ya home on skates. LOL!!! You are too funny! Anytime ya want to come to Kansas and take care of my rabbit/coon/deer problem you are welcome too! The coons have taken most of my corn. So what is up with blogger? I had so many problems last few weeks it messed up the whole hard drive. Hope you can get it figured out...try contacting the blogger help group and report your problems. Good luck. Love ya, Jen

Ann said...

That sounds like fun, except for the skunk, very smart to stay away from the wrong end of that one.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I'm glad to hear that what I'm feeling is normal and I'm not the only one who's ever felt that way. Hope you'll stop by and comment again. I'm trying to be better about posting more often.

Greeneyes said...

You made me laugh so hard , ahhh that felt good , black and white kitty ! and your adventures sounds so fun , remind me never to get you made at me!!! 380 Lady!
The pic of Diane is a cutie huh , sitting in with the fish while fishin LOL
Hope your well and having a great week and by the way thanks fo the mention on your last post , your a sweetie , THANKS


kansasrose said...

Hey hon you won my giveaway! I need your snail mail addy so just email me...Congrats Donna! Your goodies will be on ttheir way soon! Love, Jen xxxooo

Cecil said...

Hey Sis...Glad y'all had a good time camping... I was home feeling crappy... sinus trouble of course and just run down... better now.. I think Jon had better take bricks next time.. those horseflies are pretty big and one might be able to get him off the ground! lol Love ya more than your camping buddy... she is SO rude.. he he he :)

Jess said...

hi aunt back to bloggin..thought i would visit and what a funny blog...too bad you didnt get sprayed...just would have been funny to see you behind the car though. And mom driving ...or jon..i dont even want to think about that. Where have you been? Even Johnny and jon came by to see the baby... I've missed seeing you..Love ya