Saturday, August 11, 2007

Nothing happening here....

Nothing much going on here.....Just work and housework. Its too hot and dry to do much. Diane and I thought about going camping this weekend, but..... my tent isn't air-conditioned...hmmm. So... we'll try for a little cooler weather, like next weekend. LOL.
I'd like to get in 1 camping trip before school starts and this is our last chance.
I also get off work at 2:00pm...I have to pick up Diane, come back home and get Jon .Its a 2 hr drive up to Mountain View. Diane will have to get supper while I set up the tent. If we can get a spot close to the bathroom and in the shade we will be very lucky.
I have been very busy at work lately. I have had to get back in the habit of cooking for a army, at least thats what it feels like. The girl that cooked before me tried to feed these poor people out of cans. These are older people that were raised on home cooking. I make scratch cakes and yeast rolls for them. I made potatoe pancakes one day and it had been so long since they had them, they wanted to know what they were.LOL. I still have to make out my menu for next week and my grocery list too.
If anyone out there has extra produce they don't know what to do with, consider donating it to the nursing homes or assisted homes. These places are on fixed incomes and can always use food.
Here are some of the things I've cooked lately.
1)potato pancakes.
2)buttermilk biscuit's.
3)white beans\ brown beans.
4)pork BBQ and fixings
5) pork roast \potatoes w/carrots gravy
6)potato soup
9)chicken and dumplings
10)hamburger soup.
11)cakes/ pies/ cookies

Very little of this is prepared food, it takes time and a good sense of timing to get everything out on time. They have eaten a many a hot cake or pie too.LOL
I gave them hot blueberry muffins one day as a surprise.
Now I have a problem, some of the residents are gaining weight. That is good for some, they need it. But some really don't need it. I have to serve everyone the same ,
unless asked not too. I tell everyone to eat, just don't eat it all. I think I need to join some of them on their diet. I'm starting to get a little round where I shouldn't be round.oh well.
I hope everyone has enjoyed their summers.. it's dry enough now we have a burn ban. One little spark and everything would go up like matches. Even the poor birds and resting in the hottest part of the day. Our dog has been staying in most of the day. The farmers don't have to spray for weeds, just not water them. The neighbor down the street has a bumper crop of okra and tomatoes. I buy from him, he gets 3 lbs for a $1. It doesn't matter what it is. So I get mine there just picked.
Time for me to get a little rest, I did laundry and dishes, cooked and did dishes. I'm still tired, so I'll post this and get to bed soon.
God bless and take care everyone.


kansasrose said...

Hi sweetie! Oh you have been busy and cooking up a storm! What wonderful foods you are cooking for those folks hon! You are an amazing person and I really admire ya! I gave you a special award so check out my blog. You look so pretty in your white dress too! Camping sounds like so much fun...but like you all in Arkansas the heat is just unbearable. We are dry as a bone too. Maybe by Sept. it'll cool down and rains will come. I will pray for you to get some rains. Have a peaceful and blessed Sunday my friend. Love, Jen xxxooo

Diane J. said...

Hey, Sis, I'll be heading for bed before too long myself. I didn't have Emmy today but it takes a day or 2 to catch up on my sleep and rest before I have her again on Monday.

How about some fried chicken? Or chicken pot pie? Dumplins? Fried taters? Pork chops, gravy and biscuits? I know it's a little warm for most of that stuff, but it should be cooling off soon. Man, I hope so anyway! Like maybe by next Friday? ;o)

Love you more than that Cecil heifer, LOL! ;D


zzop357 said...

Thanks Joe and Jen!!! I really needed something to pick me up and ya;ll just did :D.
Thanks to the both of you!!!

Rachel said...

You have been busy!! All that cooking and some yummy food mentioned there!

That is a wonderful idea of what to do when you have too much food. Someone else can sure make use of it and be glad to get it.

Cecil said...

Hey Sis...Sounds like the food is good where you work!! lol I gained a pound just reading what you've been Thanks for the award.. it is the first award I have won on here and I am so proud...thanks for giving it to me! I hope you and Diane get to go on your trip but I also hope you both don't die of heat stroke! Be careful... Brian got back Saturday morning right before I got off work and we went on our date.. had a good time... went to Lazzari's for lunch and then to the movie.. we saw "Stardust".. it was good.... Are you going to Cornerstone church? Diane told me John got saved... have he been baptised yet? Well, I guess I'll go blog for a bit and then let Brian have the puter..he's been doing his family tree and he gets on about every night. I miss seeing you but I know you're probably exhausted on the weekend... maybe I can see you soon.. Love y'all... Me and B..

Cecil said...

It's me again.. First of all, I spelled Jon's name wrong...oops.. and I wanted to ask who is that group picture of in your post? And by the way, Joe is wrong.. she doesn't love you more than me.. she is just petty and childish.. and evil..hmm.. Anyways... hope to see you someday... lol