Thursday, August 30, 2007

I've been tagged!!!

My sweet little sister has tagged me!!! So lets get on with it ;)
  1. Accent? : I aint got no accent( except when I get irritated).
  2. alcohol?: a glass of wine maybe once a year.
  3. Chore I hate: dusting....I have too many doo-dads.
  4. Pets?: 2 cats, 2 turtles, 2 tanks of fish, 2 birds, one small mixed up dog.
  5. Essential electronics: home pc, and a lap-top for on the go.
  6. Perfume?: Night Magic by *A*von*. Lady Stetson.
  7. Gold or silver? jewelery? money? I really don't care...I like it all ;)
  8. Insomnia? Thank heavens for *amb*ian...I'm a night-owl..I sleep average 3-4 hrs a night without it, I still wake up a lot at night.
  9. Job title?: I'm a cook...I cook for around 40 people a day.NOT counting my family at home.
  10. Most admired trait?: never met a stranger...I can talk to almost anyone.
  11. Kids?: 2, A son Frankie 36, a daughter Tammy 30. Jon a grandson we are raising age 11.
  12. Phobia?: I can stand anything but cleaning up puke...I can wipe your behind, or you can bleed on me.I can kill or clean any animal...But don't PUKE on me.
  13. Religion?: Southern back-pew Baptist.
  14. Siblings?: 4 Sisters. 2 older, Shelia, Martha, 2 younger, Diane, and Lisa.
  15. Time I wake up?: 3:50 am to 4:15 am (if I hit snooze).
  16. Unusual talent/skill?: I have a way with critters, and love to cook.
  17. Vegetable love/hate?: I don't like Brussels sprouts...... I love tomatoes.
  18. Worst habit?: I smoke...enough said.
  19. X-Rays?: I had a full body scan: arthritis, everywhere..enough said again.
  20. Favorite meal?: Sesame Chicken, egg-drop soup, and happy family on rice,and egg rolls.
Ok, now it's your turn. Just jump right in there and let us get to know you. If you decide to do this let me know, I'd like to get to know you better. It doesn't take long at all. Who knows, we may have something in common.
Have fun with it;) Have a good weekend ya'll.


Diane J. said...

Good job, Sis. This meme was fun, wasn't it? :-)

Hope you have a good Friday and weekend.

Love y'all,


Cecil said...

Good answers! Hope you have a good weekend.... I am tired as is everyone else I am sure... Love ya... Cecil

Sister said...

Hi Donna,

I enjoyed reading your meme...and I laughed when I read that you are a Southern back-pew Baptist.

And I promise to never puke on you. :)

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!


Jess said...

Are tomatoes fruits or veggies? Never can get that right, and watch out I won't puke on you but Emmy might....and the back pew part..I like it! :) Come visit!!!

kansasrose said...

Hey hon did your package arrive yet? I think I sent it Thurs or Fri...Loveya, Jen

greeneyes said...

Nice getin to know ya !
I promise not to puke on you ,tee hee if I ever have the pleasure of meeting you and I bet we would get along well ,I have been told I would talk to the devil !meaning I am friendly like you .

zzop357 said...

Jessica, a tomato is a fruit when its on the vine.A veggie after you pick it. love ya Donna

Simply Amethyst said...

Looks like I stopped by your blog just in time to get to know you... lol
I was blog-hopping..
I used to hate dusting, too, but now it's not so bad since (for some reason!?) I seem to have far fewer doodads! ;)