Friday, September 7, 2007

Goodies from PrairieRose!!!!

Look what I got in the mail!!!!
My friend PrairieRose had a give away and I won!!!
I received so much I'll have to make another post to cover it all!!
One of the things she sent I'll always teasure. See the note she sent me? I know she was thinking of me when she wrapped the gifts and books.This means a lot to me Jenny.

A long with the note, I am the proud owner of a new "cookbook"(I will share :). It has lots of new (to me) recipes I can't wait to try.
I also have 2 (count them) 2 new aprons to wear....You can ohh and aweee now. One of the aprons is to look at only!!! Its sheer and a lovely sea-green. The other one is a very pretty cotton and will be appreciated at Christmas. It's a very pretty mix of flowers on the pocket and ties /with a blue back-ground and holly and flowers. You can see it in the pictures.Thanks Jen!!!.
I also received a lot of hand made doilies, anyone who's ever done this, knows how tiny the stitches are. Some of the designs are amazing. Can you see the one with the southern-belle on it? Can you imagine counting all those stitches? Our Mama used to crochet, with what I called twine.(That's what it looked like to me). She made doilies too. Jen this brought back a lot of good memories, Thank you.
I have spent the last 2 nights reading the 2 journals that were tucked in here. I loved looking at the old pictures, and reading the stories. Take a look at the dates on these. They are in amazing shape for their age,( like us). LOL. I can't wait to try some of the recipes in here too.
* BUT!!! The best thing of all in this package is the collage, That Jenny made with her vivid imagination and her own 2 hands!!!! Isn't it beautiful?!!!!! I can't thank you enough Jenny!!!
Do you think we can catch that rooster for Sunday dinner? I bet we could together!!!
Look at the family picture on it. This is Jenny's great grandparents and gg-grandparents!!!
This is family history at it's finest!! I am so happy you took the time to make me a collage out of something so dear to you, Thank so very much my friend.
I would have shown the pretty wrapped packages, but I ripped right into them.LOL.
I'll try to post more of the pictures tomorrow, This old girl is tired.
Take care all, and God Bless.
P.S.. double click pictures to enlarge;)


Diane J. said...

Jen tagged me too, and I'm too TARD to do it tonight, so I'll do mine tomorrow when I do my Sunday Dinner post.

Boy, you got a treasure box, didn't you? I'm especially curious about that cookbook. I'll bet it's got some good stuff in it.

I talked to Granny Ann this evening for a while. She seems to be doing much better and is getting settled into her new place.

Maybe I'll talk to you tomorrow, Sis.

Love y'all,


Mountain Mama said...

What a lovely surprise! The gifts are really special. I can just se you scooting around your kitchen at Christmas time wearing your pretty new apron!
The old magazines will be lots of fun too. I have a few old ones and really get a kick out if them. Things certainly have done a lot of changing since I was born in 39.
Have fun with your nice gifts, and
God bless you and yours.

kansasrose said...

Glad ya likes! :) :) xxxooo love you my friend, jen

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

That is so nice! How sweet of her!

Greeneyes said...

Lucky Ducky ! so nice !
but so are you LOL

Take are