Sunday, May 13, 2007

Remembering Mama

Instead of putting up a post today,I spent it remembering Mama.
And all the fun and hurts growing up.
I love you Mama.
Jessie Lue Cook
June 28, 1929
April 13, 2005


Diane J. said...

Me, too, Sister. I bawled all through church this morning and now I'm crying again. This Mother's Day has been harder than the last 2 years, and I think it's because I so wished Mama could have been here to see Jessica get married and have Emmy.

I love you, Sister


Sister said...

Sweet post, Donna.
Happy (Belated) Mother's Day to you, too.

Rachel said...

Sweet tribute to your lovely mother! It's so hard to lose them.

Hope you had a good Mother's day.

Meow said...

Beautiful post.
Hope you had a lovely Mothers Day.
Take care, Meow

Greeneyes said...

Beautiful , I love the pictures and the one with her arms around his neck huggin on him is so great! she looks so happy and beautiful
thank you for sharing.


Cecil said...

I miss Mama, too. Everyday. Love you all.... Cecil

kansasrose said...

What a beautiful tribute to your mother hon. She must have been a loving and wonderful woman to have raised such good and caring and Godly daughters like you and all your sisters. My heart goes out to you Donna and all your family missing your momma. Love, Jen xxxooo