Sunday, May 20, 2007

How's everyone doing?
I've noticed no-one is posting regularly. I don't think our inner clocks have caught up with our outer clocks. In other words I'm not on day-light savings time yet. Here's what I've started doing:
When I get up I turn on the coffee pot and head for the nearest day-light.I'm resetting my inner clock. It has helped a lot. I have more energy now than I did,and I feel better. Now if I could only sleep more than 5 hours a night.
I worked all day yesterday putting carpet in my bedroom, it looks pretty good. I'll be posting a picture in the near future to show it and a surprise I found recently.
I won't be going to as many ball-games now, Jon has called it quits and I don't blame him. We spent half the night in the emergency room with him and he missed school the next day also.
These boys play fast pitch baseball. A ball hit Jon at the top of the shoulder and dislocated his arm.
This was enough to change his mind about the game.(and mine too). The arm popped back in,but we had to find out if anything was cracked or broken, so off to ex-ray we went. Nothing broken but badly bruised. Poor boy had the loveliest shades of black,blue and yellow I've ever saw. Now he wants to play football....LOL. ..... He's 11 years old,one of the smallest in his grade. He weights 65 pounds and wears a size 10 slim jeans...... And he wants to play football....
I don't think I can wrap my mind around that.
I have a few pictures I'll post today. We've had lots of flowers blooming and lot's of birds visiting.(and babies arriving).I'm doing a major clean-up in the house and yard. I did laundry yesterday and hung it on the line. It's just a busy time around here, and it's time I got started.
The only thing I've did today is clean the oven and the kitchen...... so it's back to the grind-stone. Have a good day and a good week... I'll to post more now we have NO MORE BASEBALL....
Take care friends.....


PEA said...

Hi Donna:-) I usually post every day except if I'm out of town but this morning I didn't post because I slept in and then got too felt weird not posting but I guess a break once in a while won't hurt! lol What does hurt, though, is Jon's poor shoulder...ouch!! It's no wonder you're glad that he's decided not to keep playing for football, well, I'd tell him to hold off on that one for a while yet! lol Love your poenies in bloom...mine won't be blooming for a couple of weeks yet!! Take care my friend! xoxo

Sister said...

Beautiful peonies! Glad to hear that you'll have more time for yourself...and for posting.
Have a great week!

Diane J. said...

Sounds like you're getting a lot done. I hope to find some energy and get motivated soon. Maybe.

I can almost smell those peonies. Mmmmm.....

If Jon wants to play football you're gonna have to fatten him up! Hope his shoulder feels better soon.

Love y'all,


Mountain Mama said...

The flowers are beautiful. I have a red peony that was started from one my mother had. Some peony's are fragrant but I don't think Mom's is.
I hope the boys shoulder heals well and no more injuries.

Cecil said...

Ilove hummingbirds....peonies.... and sunshine... I am sitting on my butt doing nothing.. I didn't get home 'til almost 7... had to wait on my nachos at the local eatery... I am tired so will hit the shower soon and the bed soon after... Good grief.. I think Jon may need to take up sumo wrestling rather than football... at least he could stick them with a bone... lol... ouch! Love y'all..Cecil

Greeneyes said...

your Pics do me good , Thanks , our Dafodils and tulips are just budding , we are a few weeks behind normal as we had a few extra colddays and snow a couple weeks ago !!!!or gardens are off to a slow start this year ! sniff sniff, I will have to get my daily flower power through here! LOL
I agree everyone seems to be off blogging a little these days , changes in weather I guess ,
and Poor JON , what a sin , he must have been in so much pain ,I hope he is feeling better soon and his mind wanders from the football, unless he grows some LOL

You take care of yourself and have a great day


Meow said...

Wonderful photos ... thanks for cheering me up.
I used to post almost every day. Unfortunately, these days I'm lucky to post weekly. I am quite sad that my time is not my own to blog as I please ... I need more hours in my day !!
Take care, MEow