Thursday, May 3, 2007

My top 5 favorite blogs

My friend KansasRose tagged me for this.
I have to pick 5 of my fav-or-rite blogs....This is almost imposable for me because, If your in my side-bar you are my favorite for a talent or just good reading. I have a soft-spot in my heart (or head) for each and every one of you.Without further ado,here are my picks.
(1) Diane @:Diane's Place
Diane is one of my younger sisters and I love her dearly.She is very,very funny,and a GREAT read.She is very down-to-earth and a godly person.
Diane is extremely smart and devoted to her friends and family.I'm not saying this because I'm her sister,I would love her in spite of her hard head.(Cecil would be here too,if she'd post more)LOL

(2)KansasRose @ meadowrosewines. Jen would fit in with our family without any trouble at all. We share a love of family, the land,and home, and critters that are beyond understanding unless you feel the same. I love her devotion to her home and family,and her critters are out of this world. Jen works her fingers to the bone for home and hearth.
She loves cooking and sewing ,and gardening.What more could you want. Her big heart could hold this whole world if she could.
(3) This southern Lady can teach anyone to speak southern.
She will either have you laughing or crying,or laughing till you cry.Her god and family,and friends are in that order.But her son is is the sun and moon to her.Drop by and see her,you are bound to find something you like.
(4) Miss Pea is funny and speaks of daily life and a very good read. Her family is very important to her and it shows.The photo's she post are outstanding and she shows us life in Canada,in living color no less.LOL. Carole doesn't let life push her around and lives life to the fullest. Shes a good cook and house wife and I think she's great.
(5) This spot has 3 people in
Barb does it all. I love to read her daily life. is a great grandmother and loves life. I respect her beyond believe.She is a lovely person and it shows.
Last but not least.Ann@
Life has been harsh to this beautiful Lady,but she always comes back for more.My hat is off to you Ann.Your love for your husband and great grand children staggers me.If I could be there for you I would.You have a open heart and a open house.I think the world of you.
If I could pick a favorite place to live it would be in the Ozark Mountains. If I could pick my neighbors it would be ALL of you in my blog roll. I know there never would be a dull moment,and no-one would ever be hungry. I think the world of you.
Have a good friends.


Diane J. said...

Aw, shucks, gee whiz! ;D

Seriously, Sis, I'm honored that you included me in your top 5. I love you, too, warts and all, the same way you love me. :-)

I really don't know if I can choose just 5 and do this justice. I don't know what I'm going to do just yet.

Love y'all,


kansasrose said...

I know we have never met in the flesh but I know you in spirit and I love ya hon..and your whole family. You are God's GOOD folks. The salt of the earth. Thank you for this honor. I hope someday we can all meet and go fishing and watch stars. :) love, Jen xxxooo

Sister said...

Great choices, Donna. I've so enjoyed getting to know you, Diane, and Cecil through the blog world. I know Boomama will be pleased to know that you included her, too!

Have a great weekend...

Susie said...

You've made some very good choices here. Of the ones you listed several are among my favorite reads.

PEA said...

Oh sure, make me cry!!! Donna, I'm so touched, I don't know what to say! I love blogging and it's just an added blessing that people actually like to come over and see what I'm posting! lol I feel very honoured, my friend, thank you! xoxox

Meow said...

You sure have picked some wonderful blogs there. Some wonderful people live in blogland.
Thanks for sharing.
Take care, Meow

Rachel said...

I read some of those too!! There are so many nice bloggers out there!!

Granny said...

Thank you!! Sorry it took so long to get over here.