Friday, February 2, 2007

The Farkleberry Meme

I borrowed(stole) this meme frow Susie;) Thanks Susie!!!!
It's Friday,I wonder who won the Valentine HeARTS????
If anyone knows,please let me know;)

I was not a pretty>

<-----Me now...... Five weird things you didn't know about me.(And might not want to know.)

1)In the photo below:I was 13...and the same height as I am now5' 3 1/2.

2)The only way I will eat ketchup is on meatloaf,or salmon patties.

I like tomatoes anyway shape or form,but not ketchup.

3)I am heavier now than I was either time I was pregnant.I weight a whopping 143lbs now.LOL

4)I like critters: any kind.We now have sharks,Box turtles,cats ,a dog,2 cockiteal's,and a parakeet.

We did have a snake,and several other turtles and fish and birds,and several dogs and cats that have now went to heaven.

5)I am a dedicated night-owl.I would rather stay up all night and read,than eat.


PEA said...

You have sharks????? Yikes! lol Loved your Meme answers...well done:-) Also loved to see the pictures of you when you were younger and were always beautiful!! As for the Valentine draws, some were being drawn today, some tomorrow and some in a few dsys. I will draw a name tonight for my giveaway and will have it posted on my blog in the morning:-) Hugs xox

zzop357 said...

Thanks Pea;) for your comment and your answer to my question:)

Cecil said...

Hey Sis, It's Cecil--yes, I am still alive....still breathing as well as I should but at least I got to work yesterday and today. What do you mean you weren't a pretty child--I think you were the bees knees!! Not pretty..whatever!
Enjoyed the latest post...Well, I'm gonna go for now so I can blog a new post. See ya... Love you more...Cecil

Sioux said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. I did the 5 things at the first of the was fun. I enjoyed yours, too....and I love tomatoes but I don't much like ketchup either. We have some critters...4 cats and an old dog...acutally 2 old cats, a young cat, and a kitten cat!

Diane J. said...

Hey, Sis,

The pic with you in the white dress was taken at F & G's wedding, wasn't it?

And regarding #5, I'd rather stay up all night and read and EAT. ;D

I haven't heard anything about the winners of any of the drawings yet. If I do, I'll let you know.

Love you, Sis :-)

zzop357 said...

Hey Cecil,so glad you're feeling better.I know I wasn't pretty.But I got by as an adult;)I'll be over shortly to read your new blog.Love you sister.

Sioux,Thanks for the visit and I hope you come again,I need to see what you wrote on you're meme.I'll drop in to see later:).

Diane,no this picture was taken last year at my SIL Janet's sons wedding.Randy was in this pic,but I cut him out.I didn't think it was right to put a pic of him on here when I haven't posted a pic of hubby love you sister

kansasrose said...

Hey sweetie! I love your answers...I love ya more and more now. Catsup or ketchup? I say ketchup and Ar-kan-saw... not do you say your state name? I think Diane said it is pronounced Ar-kan-saw by the natives but can't remember. Been havin fun in the snow hon? I am ready for sprin now! You take care and stay warm! xxxoooJen ps I like that you are callin' me Jen...some of very best friends from way back always called me Jen instead of Jenny and it always made me happy. :) ps I love your family pics here...and you are so pretty Donna!

Mountain Mama said...

You were a pretty child and are a beautiful Woman.
Take another look at your pictures.
Your meme answers are interesting but I think you need to explain the 'sharks.'
The bowl is beautiful. I don't know much about old things either, just that I like them, and would LOVE to know the history behind them.
I think there used to be something called Cranberry glass. Maybe if you check that out you might find the pattern for your red glassware.
I pray your new job works out well for you, I think it would be fun, and the tips are sure nice!
I added you to my links.

Granny said...

5 cats and a white rat at the moment. The cats just wander in off the street and decide to stay.

I think you were pretty then and still are.

Dick said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. It is nice to hear from you after reading about you on Diane's blog. You are right about our forming a new family after April 28th. We are looking forward to it although there will be some interesting moments, especially getting my cat together with Pat's two cats. And then there are the kids and grand kids. They all seem supportive but we have to remember it is a big change for them, too.

zzop357 said...

Pea,we have irredesant? sharks. They
grow to the size of the tank.Right now they are about 6 to 8 inches long;)

Barb said...

It must run in the family - Diane's defnitely a night owl. You know, I would be, too, if I could sleep in the next day.

My zoo currently consists of one sweet little shis tz (Chelsea) and a whole aquarium full of tropical fish including some seriously big angel fish.

I don't care for catsup on anything but French fries. Never have. But like you, I love tomatoes!

You put the nicest photos on your blog. Your lucky to have all these family photos. And I think you were a very cute young girl. :-)