Friday, January 26, 2007

Look what a friend gave me...

<------ GR,GR,gramma,gr-gramma,gramma,gr-aunt,gr-uncle. The picture to the right is Jessica and me last year at graduation>--------> nursing home.I'm the
I thought the ruby cups were Anchor Hocking,but again I can't find the pattern anywhere.
The bowl is R&S made in Germany,before 1919.The cups are old and well used and have a wear pattern on the bottom.They are ruby red,and I have 4 or 6 oz glasses to match.HELP!!! I have spent the last week trying to find out what they are.
Now on to Now on to other things....I started a new job last week..I am now a waitress..I can see the raised eyebrows of my family..Yes me..Misses Clutts ...I spill everything.No lie. I can knock a glass over at 20 feet.I have split a glass of tea three time at the same meal.Mom told me I couldn't have anymore,everyone had tea in their laps and dinner was getting cold,because we had to stop and clean it up.So you see why this is a big deal.I am a good fry cook,I can put out a buffet in record time by my self...But I NEVER SERVED FOOD!!!! I always worked the kitchen.
Anyhow.I was coming out of the kitchen with a plate in each hand,through a door with a narrow window in it.When THERE HE WAS..Our friendly County Sheriff Larry Mills..
Well.....he only had a few french frys down his back..but did I ever turn red...I told him how sorry I was but he thought it was funny...I'm glad....cause I sure was laughing.I couldn't help it.
We had the silliest looks on our faces.I told him if he came back I would try not to throw frys at him again.He said he'd had worst...But could I put them on a plate next time...Then I had to tell the lady whose plate it was that part of her frys went on the sheriff...she said she didn'He was hungry or he wouldn't be in here..LOL. We had a good laugh out of it anyhow.
I think i'm gonna like this job.The pays not that great,but the tips more than make up for it.The people are great,and i'm a people person.The hrs work for me too.I go to work at 8am and off at 2pm. Monday thru Friday.Which means it won't interfer with Dianes and my camping in the summer.How many people know what minimim wage is for a waitress?In Arkansas it's $2.13 an hr..I'm boss pays $4.00 an hr+ tips.I don't have to share my tips.Most aren't that lucky.Most are shared by the cooks and the boss.So I'm lucky.most of the time I bring home about $40.00 a day in tips.I have to write down my tips so they are taxed,but thats ok.I'd rather pay taxes now than later.So please think about it the next time you eat out.If the person who waits on you try to keep your glasses filled or trys to keep you happy so you can enjoy your food.Don't forget them when you leave.They have to make a living too.
Today Miss Luci had to go to the Dr today.She has to have tubes again,her's fell out.She has so much pressure behind her right eardrum she can't hear out of it.Her left ear is not much better,but she can hear some with it.She also has selective hearing sometimes.You know," No you can't have that candy,it's supper time....

Does anyone collect glass ware? I know who made the bowl...I know about when it was made..But I can't find this pattern anywhere. So I need some help here,I need to know what year and what artist...I love old glass,and thanks to my friend I now have several puzzles too.I can't find it at the library or on line..Its enough to keep me busy for months;)

I hope everyone can read this...its all mixed up..I may try to fix it later.
Have a safe and happy weekend ya'll!!!


Diane J. said...

Hmmmmmm.......Well, I think I've seen that pattern on that 3-footed bowl before, but I couldn't tell you where. Sorry, but I'll keep my eyes open. It looks like a violet, but I've never seen a violet that color.

Got the printer hooked up and functioning, but it's not printing right. I think the ink cartridge is bad, set up too long at the warehouse maybe. I'll buy some new ones the 1st and go from there. Oh, well....

We'll be gone from about 10:30 tomorrow morning until ? Got visitation for Vicky M's aunt who died, then we're going to Lake City to Dean and Amy R's for dinner and to visit. Don't know when we'll be home.

Well, I'm still trying to get things back in order after moving the printer, so I'll check back in with you later, Sis. Maybe I'll see you Sunday.

Love y'all,


zzop357 said...

It's a hibiscus? flower I think..a lovely salmon color almost...what about the cups???

Diane J. said...

The cups...I'm still thinking Cape Cod for some reason.

Avon made that ruby glass stuff about 20 years ago, a whole set of dishes and collectibles. You might try Avon and go from there.

Other than that, I have no idea. Are there any markings or print at all on them anywhere?

zzop357 said...

they have what appears to be a sun-setting on the horizen,on the other side a feather....strange...

Jess said...

Hey Aunt Donna...thought I would say hello and nice to read about to you the blog!!! Love ...Jess

Diane J. said...

Hey, Sis. The printer is a Lexmark, and the black cartridge can be a 16 or 17, and the color cartridge can be a 26 or 27. The only one that came with the printer was the color cartridge, #27.

They're about $20 a piece, though, so don't worry about it. I'll get one or both on the 1st.

We're either having ham/baloney sandwiches or eating out somewhere for dinner. Probably sandwiches, 'cause I don't think anybody has any extra money to go eat. We'll see.

Hope you're not too tired and not hurting too bad after working tonight.

Love you, Sis :-)

PEA said...

I love this kind of post....a potpourri of stuff:-) Love the picture of some of your ancestors and the one of you and Jess!! I'm afraid I can't help you with the dishes...all I can suggest is to go on ebay and do a can search for "vintage red glass" or "vintage 3 legged bowls" and see where it brings you. I've found out a few things that way about some of the old dishes I have. Congrats on the new job...I've never waitressed but I know how hard it can be and you'll be happy to know that I'm one of those customers who always tips well! lol Hugs xox

Barb said...

OK, this is something Sarah said to me and Bev when we first started blogging.

Y'ALL COULD EMAIL EACH OTHER, YOU KNOW! LOL LOL That cracks me up because Bev and I communicated through comments the first few weeks we blogged. Just like you and Diane are doing. Y'all crack me up. So nice to come here and see what's up with Diane at the same time. :-)

Anyhoo. My daughter Mandy waitressed all through college. Until I sat at one of her tables and witnessed what she had to put up with, I'd never understood what a hard, underappreciated job it is.

Chances are half the people you oops on deserve it! LOL

Sorry, I'm laughing.

I hope this job suits you and you like it. I do know it's a hard job and very underpaid. It's all in the tips. ALL in the tips. And if what I saw in Mandy holds true, it's all in the smile. She's the world's worse klutz. Even the people she threw iced tea on loved her because she's just so sweet and friendly, you have to love her.

Good for you!

Cecil said...

Hey Sis--thought I'd leave you a quick comment. I am at home in the bed today. I came home after church yesterday at noon and have been home ever since. Still feel bad today.. hopefully, I'll be up and around tomorrow...had a pretty bad attack this time..anyways, hope your new job makes you lots of $$$.. and you don't kill ya...Cecil

Anonymous said...

boy am i in luk. i had to talk to ure sister to tri to talk to u. but now i can talk to u straight out. i think ure purty, i really lak the pikture of you dresed up as a witch. you realy luk good. you kinda luk like my first wife in that one. you are gonna have to tel me whure you wurk so i can come and eat there. i hope to get to luk at you soon. thanks fer leting me tipe on yur paper.

zzop357 said...

Thanks anonymous,I think.
Do you think you could put that in English for me?
Did you say look? Or lurk?
How's your table manners? Do you want a plate or something bigger?

kansasrose said...

Hi Donna, These are such pretty dishes...Congrats on your new will do great because you are a people person! Stop by my blog and sign up for my Valentine giveaway...Diane has already! Take care, kr

Diane J. said...

What's with the anonymous weirdo up there? Is he a nutcase or somethin'? ;D

Thanks for helping me celebrate my blogiversary, Sister. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and we can celebrate your one year blogiversary.

Love y'all,


Greeneyes said...

Love the old pics they are favs of mine , even if I DONT KNOW WHO THEY ARE , There is so much to read in a photo , and the old black and whites are treasures .

So your a waitress huh , french fries down the back tee hee , bet you'll get a speeding ticket LOL!
at least it is not like your Sis Dianes dress over her head in church FOTFLMBO!!!!!sorry Diane , I read your old post a few minutes ago , hahahahahahah!
I cannot believe that waitress are paid so low there????wow , isnt there a min wage flat rate for all min wage jobs? I know the tips but come on the owners of these places must know they are getting off way to cheap.
And I always tip , served food myself , God bless ya and your feet , hope they dont get tired or tangled , take care .