Friday, February 9, 2007

I'm ready for spring.....How about you?

I don't know about you.......But my feet's cold and I'm ready for some warm weather.I think I'm getting spring fever.I want to go camping and fishing,and see the flowers bloom.I want to see the squirrels play and watch the birds build their nests.
As mama used to say" my butts colder than a well-diggers butt".and I'd say"wearing polyester pants in Alaska in January".
Ar-kan-saw jest ain't perty in February.
Now in summer,It's downright perty. We have so many different geographical areas to visit.
We have the flood plain,we have Crowley's Ridge(only one other like it in the world).
We have the Mississippi flood Plains. and we have the Ozark Mountains.
If it wasn't so cold,Diane and I would be in the mountains camping.We would also be fishing with Jon.I started him fishing when he was still in diapers.
One of the pictures I posted is at a boyscout camp-out last fall......believe me.IT WAS COLD!!
It was Halloween week-end,and the Leaders had made a haunted trail...which went down that night.It was great..the boys loved it,and so did the adults;).It also counted as a night hike which the boys needed for a badge:).One of the things I like about this troop,is they practice their motto:
Leave no trace.Which means,the grounds look better when they leave than when they got
there.Anthow thats whats on my mind this Friday night.I bet Diane is thinking the same thing;).What about you?
I fogot..we also have Diamonds in Ar-kan-saw..


Diane J. said...

Okay, which one of these are you gonna keep? ;D

I'd like to go camping just like it is. I ain't wishing for warm weather at all. I like the cold weather and I'm not in any hurry for Spring, and especially Summer. You'll never hear me complaining about cold weather. It's the heat I hate.

I might have to use my cane or scoot on my butt 'cause my arthritis won't let me walk, but say the word and I'll be ready to go camping. If I can get a fire burning I'll be fine.

Love you, Sis. :-)

PEA said...

From the pictures, you have pretty much the same amount of snow we have here...usually by now we have 7 feet of the stuff! lol So, it's actually been a very easy winter for us here, except for the typical frigid temps. I'm also getting spring can come around any time now!!! Hugs xox

Cecil said...

I have to say that I love you both but if you went camping now, I think I would have you both committed!!! And you and I both know that that would not be much of a challenge!! LOL I have not been warm since last October. I love spring but most of the time, we don't have spring anymore we go from freezer to fire in a days time. I love coming home to a warm house, lots of candles and wrapping up with a throw and having hot tea or cocoa or Starbucks and cuddling with hubby and babies... wearing my sweaters I love so much... going to Cracker Barrel and sitting close to the fireplace... and snow... and I wouldn't live anywhere else.. we get to wear shorts and go swimming and get out when it's warm but then, we get to be cool ( or in my case, KOLD) for a while.. then it starts all over... I like living here. But I'd rather be tied down in the desert on an anthill than to go camping!! I guess growing up in the country was enough for me!! I'm glad you girls like it but my idea of roughing it is Holiday Inn!! : )- But you girls go on... Enjoy your dirt, bugs and the possibility of running into the next candidate for Jack the Ripper 2.... I will be in the city waiting....LOL.. I love you guys and I'm glad you are getting to go and do things together.. Hopefully, in about 3 weeks, I'll be leaving town with my buddy for a weekend... Wish me luck!!! Sometimes you just need to get away -- and it's so much fun to get away with a good friend or your family---and look, you get to do both!!! Love you Happy Campers!!! LOL... Cecil

kansasrose said...

Girl I'm right there with ya! Ar-kan-saw is downright beautiful! it is one of Dh's and mine most treasured places on the earth to spend time and enjoy God's beauty of nature. I loved your pics of the fishing places and woods you enjoy...that is MY kind of relaxing. Fishing and camping is the best there is...and family and friends to enjoy it with ya. What kinds of fish do you catch? How do you cook it up? I hate cleaning fish with a passion. I laughed about the polyester pants in all are getting some high dose winter this year. Ready for spring here too! My tulips aren't even trying to poke their noses up yet! Try to stay warm and by July we will be wishin' for weather like this! xxxooo

Barb said...

The first photos made me wish spring would just get here. The last ones are unfortunately probably what we're going to see a little more of between now and then. I'm with you. I've had enough of winter!