Saturday, January 20, 2007

Let it snow...Let it snow..

I think KansasRose and Dawn got all our snow.I be Pea got some too!.
So WHERES MINE?? I know Diane likes snow.I like snow. So I guess I'll just make me a cup of tea and watch the sleet and rain mix.
Well on to other things. After looking at KansasRose's goat,it brought back a lot of memories..My
ex brought in a milk goat one time. When he got her the other people had kept the twins she had.
Well, she had to be milked to express the milk or her udder would burst or get infected....hmmm
I don't have to tell you I had never milked a goat(or anything else).But what the whey,I'll try anything once. No one told me she had never been milked.
Anyhow on that cold morning we got intimate real fast.I found out Nanny didn't like cold hands and I didn't like goatmilk in my hair.That little lady could kick straight up and come down with both back feet in a small bucket,without missing a bite of food.For about a week I'd end up with her feet in the bucket and the milk on me.But we finally came to a understanding.Extra food for her=milk for me.
We also found out she didn't like men,and she could headbutt a dog at least 25 foot in 2 seconds.
Having goats was educational too.Did you know a billy will twist his body around just to get a chance to pee all over you.They will mark you like a cat will.Yuck!!!Goats also love clean wash hanging on the line,they don't eat it they chew on it.Or pull it down to play with.yum.
I also learned they can put all four feet on top of the highest object they can climb,only has to be the size of the top of a can....then...they laugh at you.Not smile...THEY LAUGH!!!
Over the years we've had a lot of pets all shapes and sizes.We have had everything from garter snakes to horses,we even had a pig that was raised on a bottle..they all were a part of our family and we miss the ones that are gone.But God gave us big hearts and we can love the whole world if we try.
Enough of that now...I got to go find some old pictures to put on here...I'm still learning this stuff
so I'm playing with them and moving them.You know...learning!!!
Have a good weekend everyone,and be safe!!!!


Diane said...

Yep, I want some snow!! Our chances ain't lookin' too good anytime soon, though....

I can never get over how sour people look in those old pictures. If I've ever seen anyone smiling in a picture made before the 50's I don't remember it.

Love those snazzy black socks with your dress, hee hee! Did you notice Mama has a cigarette in her hand? It seems strange to see her with a cigarette because she quit almost 25 years before she died. Weird...

Thanks for the goodies today, Sister. I appreciate it a lot. :-)

Hamburger soup and cornbread for Sunday dinner, I think. Gotta go get it in the crockpot for tomorrow.

Love y'all. :-)

Mountain Mama said...

Your pictures are great. I love seeing the old black & White ones. I enjoyed reading about your goat experiences. What fun! I never had a goat but got my little girl a lamb on her fifth birthday. He got mean when he was older and chased us. She named him Jethro and he went to the cattle auction. I hope no one ate the poor thing.
Have a great week-end.

zzop357 said...

I have tried and tried to go to greeneyes blog.I can see her lists..but nothing comes up when I click on them...hmmmI'll keep trying though:)

PEA said...

Hmmm...I don't think I'll get myself a goat! lol I so enjoyed reading about your experiences with them, though...that's cuz it's you that got peed on, not me! LOL Ok, ok, I'll stop teasin' you now:-) hehe Loved all the old many memories behind them! I must go to my mom's one day and start going through all her old pictures and "borrow" them for a while!! Isn't it fun learning how to are doing a wonderful job already:-) Hugs xox

Susie said...

Love your old photos. They stir up lots of memories, don't they?

Diane said...

Hey, Sister...are you using IE or Firefox to access GreenEyes' blog? I'm having trouble reading it in Firefox, but in IE it's usually okay. If I can't read it in Firefox, I just access it from IE.

Hope this helps...

Love you,


Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Cecil. Didn't you know that we don't get snow anymore??? It just stinks, I say!!! I don't like ice--too dangerous---but I like snow. The pictures are always cool, huh? I think so anyway. Pictures are amazing to me. They keep memories alive of a time that our minds couldn't possibly detail. We are blessed to live in a time when technology is so advanced. Good memories are priceless!!! Love ya More...Cecil

Diane J. said...

Hey, Sis, we started a blog for Cecil yesterday (Thursday). The link's on my blog if you want to go check it out and comment on it. Jessica posted a few days ago, too, if you want to check her link on my page.

Hope y'all are doing okay and you're not working too hard waitressin'. :-)

Love y'all,


kansasrose said...

Hi Donna! Loved this post and enjoyed all these pics! Love the story about the goat...Holy Cow waht a handful these critters are! My goat got out and ran off and DH tried to catch her. We were mud from head to toe! She has a wicked set of horns and scares the beejeebers out of me! We finally caught her cause she hid next to the horse. Goats stink to high heaven too...glad this is a nanny. I couldn't stand the stink of the billy. Wheeeeew! Like to die from that male reek. Got to be careful of where ya stand next to a goat hon...sorry you got sprayed. You take care...have a great weekend! Kansasrose