Friday, May 8, 2009

Still moving....

As you can see...I'm still living :)...
Spring has really arrived, as you can see.
Things have really been busy around here.Between reunions and contest and birthdays and work.There just has"nt been any time to blog.

Last weekend was my hubby's 50th class reunion.That just doesn't seem right. It seems every time time we go, there are less and less people there.
This peony is almost as big as a dinner plate!!
I had to take time out to go to my grandson's birthday party Last Saturday.
We also have some new kids on the went from 1 egg to the babies above. after work we decided to take pictures and try to catch up here.
As you can see, we have a yard full of flowers and wildlife. Now I need a huge umbrella to cover my house and yard.We've had more than enough rain. We usually have 4 ways to drive to the main road....BUT!!!! Not when it has rained 4 to 6 inches over night. I had one way out and had to go thru water to do that. Now it looks like its gonna do it again. I was really wanting a dry week and weekend. I have my garden spot tilled up, but its too wet to plant. I have lots of stuff to do outside and can't do a thing.
I did plant some potatoes, but the hens "helped" some of them back to the surface. So we are going to put up temporary fencing till the plants get bigger. I am going to plant a few sweet potatoes too, and several kinds of squash and pumpkins . We have 2 kinds of tomatoes too. I picked out a heirloom red, and hubby picked out a mild yellow. We have sugar baby pumpkins and lots of different kinds of squash. I am planting it next to the fence for it to climb on. I bet our yard will look like a jungle by next fall.
Well my hands have about had it for tonight, its gonna rain. I can tell.
I hope the world has been treating you all right, and remember. God is looking over your shoulder.So watch what you do and say:).
Before I leave I want to wish this little girl a HAPPY SECOND BIRTHDAY!!! WOO WOO!!!
Happy Birthday Emmy!!! This is a very tired Daddy, and a very relieved Momma :) Good night everyone, and God bless. Donna


Greeneyes said...

gREAT PICS AND THE LAST POST TO LOVELY FAMILY pics ,you sounded tuckered out on the post about quiting ,I think tis good ,you work to hard and you need time to rest and heal from all the work you do .and sick kids thown in the mix , \i bow to thee my lady , you certainly keep it going and deserve a Super Happy Mothers day .
Hope your steriods and etc helped and you feel better by now .
\\take care ((((((((((((HUGS and |More HUGS))))))))))))))

God Bless \

Cecil said...

Hey... hope you are doing ok. Ok here. Yesterday was hard.... I did ok til church last night... had to give in and let go for a bit.. Mother's Day... rough.. But I made it through... Diane said you are having a tough time.. I'll be praying for you... I miss you, too. We need to go eat one Sunday after church... or another day. Funny how none of us seem to be getting younger,, ha! Thanks for letting me in... Love ya lots! Cecil

minpinmom said...

Hi sweetie~ Good to see you and all your wonderful photos

Diane@Diane's Place said...

I thought I was watching for new posts, but apparently not as well as I thought I was.

If you plant all that in your backyard it WILL be a jungle!

Back to the eye specialist at 10 am Mon. morning and we'll go from there. I'm more than ready to get off this merry go round!

Love you Sis, hope to see y'all soon.