Monday, May 18, 2009

Festival on the Ridge

Festival on the Ridge is a annual thing here in N.E. Arkansas.The 3'rd weekend in May is date set.

This is some of the kids having soap-box races.
A friend of ours selling flowers.
We also can pay to have someone arrested and put in "jail". They have to stay in at least 5 minutes.
Here is Luci in jail....
Luci coming down the big slide.
A cute little girl with her face painted.
Just some of the crown having a good time.
The kids throwing darts to win a prize.
Another friend and grand-daughter.
A King of the hill game.
A clown blowing bubbles for the kids.
The DJ playing music for the crowd,later there will be live music and a street dance. The mayors Sister enjoying time w/ a niece. Crawdads anyone? This is an orchid I just couldn't resist.
This is what we did this weekend. To be honest, I did more sitting than walking. It did sprinkle a few times, but not enough to stop the fun. I just wish I could still dance like I used to. Spending times like this with your family is priceless. So find something simple to do and have fun and make some memories. I know the kids had a blast, and so did we.
God bless and have a good week. Donna


kansasrose said...

Hey hon! Looks like so much fun and what a beautiful place you live. Love the pics too! You are so right when ya say these times are priceless with the kids. Seems like ages since we chatted! I've been puttin out fires like a crazy woman. Since I pulled youngest dd out of school and am homeschooling her I barely have time to catch my breath. The high schools have gone to the dogs literally in my town, had to get her out asap. She is doing great now, and learning what she needs to learn. I'm so proud of her! Wasn't safe for her...long story.

Your garden sounds great hon. My lower back has been really bad the past 9 months so I have to wear one of those waist support things to garden. Ain't it fun gettin' old? I have arthritus kickin' up a storm in this wierd weather...oh well, that's life. I won't let it slow me down, gotta keep on rockin'! lol.
Hey hon, send a few prayers my dh's way. He may be facing a layoff. At age 53 this isn't good news. If this economy doesn't turn around I'm afraid the country we used to know and love will collapse. I just give it all to the Lord...that's all I can do now. I'm trying to find pt time work to help with the bills. say a few for this old broad too hon.

keep on rockin'Donna. God bless.


minpinmom said...

Oh what fun that looks. We have a thing here called the picnic every year. Lots of fun things going on. They close off the streets downtown and set up a carnival and food and all kind of things.

Cecil said...

Looks like you all had a good time. I'm trying to leave a few comments before storms hit.. it's lightning a bit so may have to cut it short.. lol.. Hope you're all ok.. doing ok here... went to the movie Saturday.. that's the most exciting thing I've done this week! Back to work tomorrow... Love ya lots... Cecil

Greeneyes said...


Cecil said...

don't know what was wrong with my blog... had VBS last week so I've been exhausted.. not much going on right now... hope you're all ok.. Love y'all... Cecil