Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy 4th everyone!!

I''ll try to post pictures tomorrow.We're supposed to have a few people over tomorrow.
Have a safe and cool holiday!!!
God bless,Donna


Sorry folks, I've been rather busy. The battery's need to be recharged on the camera too.
We did get some of the fireworks photo's, so I'll post a few of them.
I'll also post pic's of what has kept me so busy ;)
I hope to get the blog up a little later.


Aunt Jenny said...

Have a wonderful 4th of July!!
I can't wait to see your pictures!
The jelly looks wonderful...the part at the end where you describe what you didnt' show sounds like me. I make the biggest messes...but it IS worth it!! Beautiful jars of jelly!!!!!

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Hope you have a good 4th too, Sis. We're going to Jessica's, I think. I'm still not feeling good at all. My sugar is staying high. :-(

Love y'all,


Peggy said...

Have a wonderful 4th weekend!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Happy 4th dear heart! Hope you and your family have a wonderful time!

PEA said...

Happy 4th of July to you and your family, dear Donna! Hope you had a fabulous day. I wish I could have crossed the border and go celebrate with all of you:-) xoxo

Linds said...

I hope you have had a wonderful weekend so far, Donna! I am loving seeing everyone's celebrations!

kansasrose said...

dear Donna, Hope your Independence Day was fun and relaxing! Looking forward to your pics as always! Love, Jen xxxooo

Sammy said...

Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July, Donna!


Nancy said...

Hi Donna!

I am waiting to see your pics when you get them posted!

The 4th was a tiring day for me as I had worked ALL night with no sleep for 2 nights on my job prior to the 4th. So I was just beat! Came home from my daughter's, took care of my cats, sat down and fell asleep! Then I slept most all day Saturday, too! Now I am WIDE awake! I think I have my days and nights mixed up! My son did when he was a baby, and it was awful! LOL


Chris said...

Miss Donna,

So glad to see you visited His Unfinished Work. Isn't Linds a sweetie?

I have relatives in Berryville, Oak Grove, Green Forest and Springdale. I love's my second home.