Saturday, October 27, 2007

Whine fest...I've been very busy too..

Hi everyone, long time no blog!!
I'll try to make up for that now. I'm trying to blog in between house work cooking and chasing 3 boys. We just got home from a boyscout pack meeting. Jon has earned his arrow of light, and he received it today.WTG Jon!!!!.
Last weekend we camped, it was a pack camp out. We had 3 different camps marked off Tigers, Wolves, and Webloe"s. Jon has to camp with the Webloe's though he's a boyscout. Jon is a lone scout now. None of the other boys are old enough or been a Webloe long enough to become a boyscout.
Other things have been going on too. I have been going back and forth to the Dr. I have a mass in the bottom of my left foot, beside my little toe. It's like trying to walk on a huge rock. My regular Dr. sent me to a orthopedist. This Dr sent me for a cat-scan...2 weeks later a return visit. He looked at me says" I don't know what it is". hmmmm. Now this Dr. has referred me to a rheumatoligest?sp". I already know I have arthritis of the spine...found last year with a cat-scan.
Now he thinks I have rheumatoid arthritis , but none of the blood test show it. I have fibromyalgia too. My right hand has a large knot in the top of it. Dr # 2 said, We don't know whats wrong with your foot but its in your hand too... Well duh.. That's why I 'm here.
Between hurting all the time and trying to work 40 hours a week...and not sleeping well. I'm a little tired. I sleep pretty good in my puter chair. I have allergies and when the farmers go to work so do my allergies. So I can sleep in my chair.....except it doesn't have arms and I get to leaning sometimes.. It can be very funny I tell you.
We've had a big change over at work too.... My ex-boss was fired and her mother too. I won't go into detail, but it was a great big old mess. I ended up staying till our second shift came in. One of the aides quit when the boss was fired so that left only me to take care of everyone til the next crew came in. The owner is running the place and trying to get everything straightened out. She is doing a good job too.My hats off to her for cleaning up a such a bad mess.
I owe Jenny of prairiefarmeress an apology, Jen I still haven't mailed your package .I'll try to mail it this coming weekend. I have wore out the homestead cook book you sent me. I cook for around 30 people a day. Breakfast lunch and supper. Recipes are always welcome. Like all places like this , we try to stretch our grocery's as much as we can.
Time for me to get off of here for a while. I hope everyone has a good weekend.. Good night and God bless you all. Donna

P.S. The pictures on here are just random pictures I up-loaded to see if everything was working right!!! LOL.


Sister said...

Hi Donna,

I don't know how you do all that you do! Take care of yourself and try and get some rest. Have a great week!

Diane J. said...

Hey, Sister. I finally got my insurance card and have an apt. on Nov. 9th at AHEC to start the ball rolling with all my stuff, hopefully.

I hope they can get you in to the Dr. soon so you can find something out. I know you hate having to wait to find anything out.

Congrats to Jon!

Love y'all,


Greeneyes said...

you have been working too hard !!!, there is only one of you !!! and we want you to be feel GOOD!, hope all goes well with the Dr. .sometimes things dont show like you say and you can still have artritis ,Fibrom. and you need your rest and relaxation , try to squeeze it in hahahaha. Hope your foot gets better in meantime Take care !



Cecil said...

Hope they figure out what's wrong with your foot.. you know that mom and dad left us health problems instead of $$$..right?? It may be the dupetrons syndrom that dad had... or it could be that you are worn out! Sounds like fun at work! Hope you have time to rest this week... ha ha, huh? Tell Johnny hi and love him and tell Jon congrats!! Love ya.. talk to ya soon.... Cecil

Susie said...

Good to catch up on your news. That toe sounds painful!
Your really do lots of cooking! Brk lunch and dinner for 30 people every day is a monumental job!!

Karen H. said...

Hey Donna,
I have been wondering what was going on with you. I have been checking your site daily. I have started posting again. I changed my site to Karen's Korner. I do hope your toe gets better. I still have lots to learn and how to add things to my site. Maybe one of these years I will learn. (hehe) Take care of yourself and don't work too hard and stop by again sometime. Have a great Monday.

Karen H.

Mountain Mama said...

My boys were in Scouts too. It was a good experience for them but in the country where we lived it was hard to get parents to help. I was assistant den mother for a few years, but alos had a Campfire Girls group and a Bluebird group. That was a very busy time in my life.
Who is the cute little girl in your picture?

Anita said...

Hope they find what's wrong soon... And that it's fixable!
Slow down a bit! You make the rest of us look slow... lol

Karen H. said...

Good Afternoon Donna,
Hope you are feeling better and got some rest. I am under the weather. I have a head cold and sore throat. I am taking some leftover meds from when I was sick back in June. Wanted to come by and wish you a "HAPPY HALLOWEEN". I went to Pea's Halloween Bash earlier today. She is just a lovely host and everything was spooktakular. If you get a chance, go and visit. I know you will have a good time. I don't have any boys, but my girls did the Girl Scout thing for a few years. Some things happened and I didn't let them sign up anymore. Anyway, just wanted to stop by and wish you a HAPPY HALLOWEEN. Take care and be safe.
Karen H.

Aunt Jenny said...

Happy Halloween Donna! I hope you get repaired soon!!! I used to get bad corns on my feet when I was waitressing..ugh!! I bet your lump hurts even alot more than that.
Take it easy!!
I am a cubscout leader! Webelos! that is great that John got his Arrow of youngest son Dalton will be getting his soon.
After Feb, when he turns 11 I won't have any cubbies any more..only boyscouts. Sigh. They grow up so fast.

Rachel said...

Oh my, you are so busy!! I loved reading about all the events that have been going on, but sorry to hear about your health problems. I hope you are on the mend!

kansasrose said...

Hey hon! You don't owe any apologies dear friend! I am so sorry you have had troubles with your foot and allergies. My sis has a foot condition that causes a lot of pain. I can't remember the name of it...plantiers something but it swells and gets really red and painful on the ball of her foot like a lump and she takes cortisone shots sometimes. You are in my daily devotions Donna! I would think if it were RA it would show up in the blood work. You have been very busy and I hope everything at your work place gets smoothed out and back on track. That in itself would be stressful for you hon! I don't know how you do half of what you do my must have the energy of a 20 year old! Take care my friend. Love ya, Jen