Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I've been tagged again, in the 2 for 2 meme!

Hi everyone!!
Jen, of Prairiefarmeress, has tagged me for a meme. The meme goes like this.......
  1. 2 names you goe by. Donna and mom.
  2. what are you wearing? scrubs and clogs.
  3. 2 things you want or have in a relationship. Love and respect.
  4. things you like to do. cooking and camping.
  5. 2 things you want very badly at this moment. to come out of this bra, and a shower.
  6. 2 things you did last night. visited with friends and laundry.
  7. 2 things you ate today. chicken dumplings and peas and carrots.
  8. 2 people you spoke to last. my boss and the fish.
  9. 2 things you're doing tomorrow.
  10. working and boy scouts.
  11. 2 longest car rides. from here to Harrisburg pa. from Harrisburg pa to Kentucky.
  12. 2 favorite holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  13. favorite drinks. coffee and lemonade.
  14. 2 jobs you've had. building furniture and grounds keeper.
  15. 2 movies you'd watch over and over. sister act and ghost.
  16. 2 places you have lived. Trumann Arkansas, and Wynne Arkansas.
  17. 2 favorite foods. seafood and Chinese.
  18. 2 places you'd rather be right now. with my whole family and we'd be fishing!!!
2 people to do this meme...Cecil and Aunt Jenny!!!!
If ya'll do this leave me a comment!!! have fun ya'll, I did :)
Have a good week and God bless.


Diane J. said...

Jen taggified me, too! I just did mine and got it posted.

You heard anything else about your foot, etc?



Greeneyes said...

LMAO at number 5 , a girl after my own heart !!
Great post , hope your well and getting lots of rest , God Bless


Aunt Jenny said...

Someone else (Clare) tagged me too! I did it...loved your answers too!!!

Anita said...

Cool post! :)

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

That was a cute meme!

Cecil said...

Hey.. I am headed to bed in a bit so I will get to the meme soon..Just wanted to come on and say "HI" and love you... Hope to see you soon ... I will blog tomorrow or Monday....

Anonymous said...

I just love all of your posts!!...you all seem like very nice people.

Mountain Mama said...

Hee-Hee-Hee! I love the remark about the bra. I took mine off two hours ago. I usually wait until at least 6 pm, but just couldn't stand it any longer. They say the girls will get saggy if we don't wear one. I don't give a rip!
I have lots of names for that contraption, but most I couldn't say on a blog. I guess I can say. "double barreled sling shot"
I have hated them since mom first strapped one on me, I went straight to the outhouse took it off, wadded it up and tossed it down the hole with the rest of the miserable stuff!
When she put that thing on me I knew exactly what uncle Clint's work horses, Dick and Queen felt like when he harnessed them up for work. The poor old things.(the horses)
I enjoyed your post Donna and I learned a few things about you too.

Rachel said...

Loved Mountain Mama's comment!! LOL

I feel the same about the old bra. It is like being in harness!

Enjoyed the meme!

kansasrose said...

Just checking on ya hon...you must be very busy...you take care..missing you. xxxooo

Meow (aka Connie) said...

You sure are getting a fair share of memes, aren't you.
Hope you are well.
Have a great week
Take care, Meow