Sunday, July 15, 2007

I'm the long lost blogger!!! Its been a little hectic around here,but I think its starting to calm down some. We made a flying trip to Mountain View yesterday to take our grand-daughter home.
I wish they lived closer, its over a 100 miles both ways. I do all the driving and I have to stop a lot.
I have arthritis in my back and sitting to long kills me.
Now on to other things.......
This is Luci.. while I'm combing her hair after a bath, hubby is outside trying to round up 2 rowdy boys to get in the bath.
Please don't look at my junked up bookshelf....I'll get to it sometime soon.
The blackberrys are about gone now but I did get a few. I almost missed them, I wish I had gotten more. In the picture above, thats a quarter laying beside the berry. These are called Logan berry's. They are a lot bigger than blackberries but taste the same. I made jam with the first berrys I picked (seeds in). Diane will use this to make Mom's jam cake for Christmas. I ended up with 5 pints,and 10 half-pints. I use the smaller jars so it doesn't stay in the fridge to long. I also make grape, plum and strawberry freezer jam. So I don't want a lot of open jellies in the fridge.
Most everything is being harvested now, so I'll be doing some canning when I get off work. I also can homemade soup, and beans...ALL kinds of beans. I can greenbeans, dryed white beans, brown beans, butter beans , cranberry beans, navy beans, and kidney beans. I also put up kraut, cabbage, pickles, salsa, purple hulled peas, black-eyed peas, potatoes, roast, chicken, chicken and dumplings, and corn...... sweet and whole kernel. I also love the Boston baked beans in the Ball canning book. So I can these about 2 times a year. As you can tell, I've been a little busy.
I've also started a new job. I'm the new cook at a assisted living place. It's NOT a nursing home. These people are Mobil... They can come and go as they please. The cook they had was a fill-in. She cooked mostly from a can or it was frozen. I cook from scratch.
I cook for about 40 people a day...... I cook breakfast, dinner and start supper for the night crew. Friday we had chicken and rice, potato pancakes purplehulled peas,cornbread and bread pudding. I made 13 bean soup and cornbread and a cake for dessert.
I have a dishwasher or I couldn't do it. I also have lots of help from the staff and residents. Since they found out I really can cook, I have even more help in the kitchen!!! Tomorrow we are having roast-beef mashed potatoes and gravy,broccoli and cherry pie. I also have a pork roast out to do bbq on Tuesday.
I like my new job people, but I'll have to adjust to the new hours. I was working (old job) from 8 am till 2 pm. Now I'm working 6 am till another town. That means up at 4 am, leave the house at 5am to be there at 6 am..... I'm used to staying up till mid-night, this is a big change. I did it for years when I worked at Trumann.... but I got out of the habit. Plus who wants to cook all day then come home and cook.... but I can't let my family suffer because I'm cooked out. So, I need to sit down today and do some menu's, for home. Then latter today I have to shop for said menu's. I hate shopping, thats why I buy in bulk. Besides that, I buy that "stuff" then I don't know what I want..... nothing sounds "good". Ever done that? I bet you have.
Well its time to get Jon up for church, and the house is a mess. So you know what I'll be doing.
Everyone have a good day, and think of me once in a while :). I'll be having fun, doing what I do best ;).
Take care and God bless.


kansasrose said...

Hon I just got winded reading all the stuff you heavens you are one busy momma and grammy! The new granddaughter Victoria is gorgeous! You have such a beautiful family! YOU are a canning diva!!! What beautiful canned jars of food Donna! I may be consulting you for advice on pickling okra and beans! I want to can peaches too. I have a delicious recipe for bread and butter mix. Gonna make that up too. Your new job sounds like it right up your alley! I bet the folks there love you and the good meals you prepare. You and Diane are THE most amazing southern women cooks on the planet. You both should write a cookbook! You have tremendous energy to keep that kind of schedule hon! I am in awe of you and Diane! God Bless you too dear friend. Love, Jen

Diane J. said...

Hey, Sis, sorry we didn't get together today. We ended up meeting Mikki and Seth at Cracker Barrel for dinner then heading back to church early. We stopped by the apartment for about 30 minutes, that's it. Maybe we can get together next Sunday if not before.

I've put a few jars of Kosher dills but most of the pickles I made are refrigerator pickles. That's about all I've done besides a few peas.

Hope you're settling in with your new job and having to go to bed early and get up early.

Emmy will be here dark and ugly in the morning so I'll be heading to bed soon myself.

Love you, Sis. ;o)


Sister said...

You are absolutely amazing! I so admire your culinary skills. Congrats on your new job...they sure are lucky to have you.

Cecil said...

Hey Sister... I saw you pass by the other day...but I was busy so I couldn't call you.. Sounds like the new job is working know they won't let you leave now, don't you?? lol All the goodies you canned sound good... especially the strawberry jam... I guess you and Diane got the canning bug... it didn't bite me but I do appreciate those who got it... Don't kill yourself though..I'd like to see you sometime..I may have to come watch you Too busy, sis!! Love ya/ miss ya...see ya soon... Love, Cecil

Susan said...

I can't believe you live in Mountain View! Our friend, Vern Humphrey lives right outside it! I loved the pics of your berries most of all. I miss picking black raspberries, and eating as many as I pick! Your jars look fabulous all lined up for winter.