Saturday, June 30, 2007

May I present Victoria Alexandria Cook

Victoria looks a lot like our Daddy ;)

As promised here are pictures of our new grand-daughter. Victoria was born June 27th
at 10:22 pm.
6lbs 10 ozs 20 inches long. She has sable brown(almost black) hair past her collar in the back. Gail my DIL,went from dilated 5 to fully dilated in about 5 minutes.....There wasn't an epidural..LOL. She bit my son on the thumb during one contraction...LOL.....
He didn't see the humor in it...but We
Miss Victoria joins her brother William and her Mom and Dad at home.
William is autistic..and rather a hand full. I know that I've been run off my feet since Wednesday.We also have our grand-daughter Luci here,My daughter Tammy is her mother.
I worked all day Wednesday.When I got off work at 2:00pm Luci and I went blackberry picking at a friends house on Crowley's Ridge.We picked(I) over a gallon of berries. The more Luci picked the blacker her mouth got...but she didn't have very many in her bucket hmmm.
She would pick a while then try to spit out the seeds.Our friend Mr Wilson taught her that, something she will show her Mom I'm sure.
When we came home we showered and went to boy scouts. We came home and I made 5 pints and 10 half pints of jam. I had just finished the last of it when the call came to come get William at the hospital. That was about 8:30 pm.
I arrived at the hospital about 9:30 or so... William and I waited in the waiting room and the baby was born at 10:22pm.. Not long at all.Gail had to stay in the hospital till this morning due to all the stitches she had to have. You may not can tell it but that baby girl came home in a 3 to 6 months onesie. She's not as tiny as she looks...and she had a 13 and a quarter inch head.(ouch!!) I know that newborn clothes are not on the list for this little girl ;).
Since Wednesday we've had a 5 yr old,a 4 yr old and a 11 yr old.+ The neighbors 2 little girls swimming,Jon's friends in and out here swimming also. I also have 2 incubators going, chickens in one turkeys in the other. If the chickens don't hatch this weekend I guess the thunderstorm killed them. Thunder rattles the eggs and kills the embryo. Several I've talked to have lost their chicks due to this. The turkey eggs have only been in for 2 weeks,so they missed the big thunder boomer.
I'd also like to pick more blackberries to make jelly,I don't care for the seeds in mine. Plus my DH have asked for a cobbler.That's not too much to ask after this last week believe me. But it was worth every minute to see that healthy little girl join this loud and loving family:) believe me. I thank the Lord for every minute of it.
Now this grandma and grandpa are tired.. so take care and God bless.


Diane J. said...

I can't tell a lot from the pictures but she is a lot bigger than Emmy was. She's a good armful, looks like.

Congrats all around. Hope to get to see her sometime soon.

Get some rest if you can. HA!! ;D

Love you more than that Cecil heifer.


PEA said...

Awwww she's just darling!! My boys were 9lb 8oz and 9lb 13oz so I know what you mean about big babies!!! lol Ouch indeed! hehe Sounds like you have been awfully busy, it's no wonder you're tired! Sheesh! Hopefully you'll soon have time to do some relaxing. xox

Anonymous said...

Hi Hon,
I really liked your blog about our new granddaughter. I can attest to you being worn to a I loved having everyone here but sure was glad when they all went home. I can also tell everyone that the blackberry jelly is really delicious.I try to sneak a bit when I catch you You are a great wife, keep up the good job. love ya.

Cecil said...

Hey Sis... congrats on the newest munchkin! She is a cutie! Try and sleep every now and then, K??? Even Olivia Walton went to bed every now and then....Goodnight, JohnBoy!! :) Hi, Johnny!!!

Cecil said...

P.S. She does NOT love you more....she's just SO selfish...she just doesn't want to share... he he he :)

Granny said...

She's perfect!!

Mountain Mama said...

COngratulations on your sweet Victoria. She is a little doll baby.
My newest great granddaughter is named Victoria too, they call her Tori, but I call her Victoria.
The little wild blackberries should be ready here as they generally are on the fourth of July. They are native to this area, but we get the big ones too, Evergreen's and Himalaya's. They are seedy but I sure do like a good old blackberry pie made from them like my mama made. She always used flower for thickening and I like it better that way. Corn starch is too sticky and seems to take away from the flavor.
Mountain Mama

Sister said...

Hi Donna,

Congratulations on your new grandbaby! She is just beautiful and I know she will bring lots of joy to your family.

Please take pictures of your blackberry jelly and cobbler, as I live vicariously through all of you great (bloggy) cooks!

Rachel said...

Congratulations on the new baby!! She is a cutie! I'm so glad that all went well.

You have been so busy! The blackberry picking reminds me of when I was a kid and picking blackberries. That jam will be yummy, and so will the cobbler!

Diane J. said...

Yoo hoo! Knock knock....anybody there? ;o)

Guess you've been too busy adjusting to your new job to find time to post anything new.

Love you, Sis. :-)


Meow (aka Connie) said...

Congratulations on the new family addition. HOpe she brings lots of love and happiness to you all.
Take care, Meow