Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What we been doing and other stuff

I haven't posted much as you can tell. We have been really busy around here. Between boy scouts, baseball, laundry and housework........There just hasn't been a lot of extra time. I have been trying to read everyone,though I might not leave comments all the time.
We have a free weekend coming up,and the yard needs to be picked up and my flower bed planted. I bet it will rain......but maybe I can do some of it between showers.
Diane and I had a good time camping......except for the rude people across from us with the barking dogs and the yelling man. I yelled back once..he said he was sorry....I kept thinking, I know you are. There was 3 groups in one spot across from us. One group was in our spot till my husband told the man I had rented it. The gentleman was a little irritated that they had to move.
(member of the group across from us.) But we had fun in spite of them.)
Diane caught several large bream which we threw back. She will post pictures I'm sure. I only caught one small one,and the kids none. Jon climbed a dead tree and succeeded in breaking the limb he was on and every limb on the way down. It was so funny to hear the limb CRACK, and the screaming as he hit every limb only to have it break too....He wasn't hurt and he landed on his feet.
Diane cooked for us the first night, we had round steak, roasted potatoes and grilled mushrooms. All cooked on the grill.....Yummy too. For breakfast we had sausage,eggs and bread. Lunch was grilled burgers...all was very good.
Now on to the pictures of some roses and blueberries and other stuff....My grapes are leafing out again, I didn't lose all my blueberries after all and they are getting big too. Some will be ripe next month. My roses are blooming, not too well but they did survive. The fig isn't budding yet but it will. The peonies have buds on them so they made it.
We survived the camping with Luci only hooking herself twice,on the pants leg and on her back.
Jon trying to break down on dead tree. Diane and I wanting to shoot one irritating camper and lock up 2 barking dogs. And last but not least, we survived all the ball games and practice games, and cold windy nights and travelling we've had to do.
Have a great week everyone,enjoy all the camping and little league ball games while you can.


PEA said...

Well it's no wonder you haven't had time for blogging!! You've been doing a lot of other fun stuff instead:-) Glad you guys had such a fun time camping...with a few hiccups! lol Loved seeing what flowers you have're sooo ahead of us! My tulips and daffodils still haven't bloomed. We're expecting rain tonight and all day tomorrow...after a week of sunny weather I guess it's ok! lol xoxo

Diane J. said...

Hey, Sister, I just posted my pics from our camping trip plus some more from this week.

My roses still aren't blooming yet, but soon...

Hope you're feeling better. Let me know what you found out about Jon at the Dr.

Love y'all,


Granny said...

I sure get hungry reading about your home grown blueberries.