Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Jack Frost came here too, and other rambling


My Fig tree... My Crepe Myrtle
My Azalea...It never got to bloom...
The Hosta is doing great though...
My Clematis is blooming it's little heart out too.
Jack Frost didn't get everything,my peonies are fine and so are my roses..They must be very tough.I'm hoping the grapes and blueberries are ok too...I can't tell yet.Blueberries are pretty hardy also.Most of my flowers are going to make it,but we sure were hurt by the cold weather and frost.I hope it warms up soon.
We were told tonight that 2, count that 2...camping trips are planned for later this month. Rain or shine:(. I don't mind a warm shower or a hot bath...But I can't stand cold wet rain going down my collar.When I get wet all over I want some soap and a towel, or I get very put it mildly. I would hate to educate some of the troop leaders if it rains very hard...and I get cold...I have a car, and I know where home is...Thank you very much.
We've been getting some much needed rain here. I hope we have a spring this year,but the last several years we've went from 50 degree days to 90 degrees without warning. We are due some bad weather too. We had a fair summer last year and a couple of years before.But this year is starting out rough with a wide range of temperature's, that's not a good sign. I believe in signs, weather comes and goes in patterns.I watch these patterns and the signs are here for a summer of storms.
I've called Cecil several times over the last few days but I haven't heard from her.I hope she and B are ok...I imagine that things are still in a turmoil at their house. It was a terrible time for B and Cecil I know.
I'm going to stop rambling now, it's been a very long day...Take care my friends, and I hope your plants and tree's did better than our's.
Have a safe and warm week... Donna


Greeneyes said...

Jack frost huh , well I know for sure he is here as my yard is still filled with snow ! and it is freezing here BRRRRR!
Too bad about your plants though , I wont get anything come up yet for awhile (SAD) but at least I get to look at your pretty flowers,

Good luck not getting wet on your camping trip , LOL , cold water rain is yucky isnt it , I have visions of you sleeping in your car haha , take care

Diane J. said...

As far as I know Cecil and B are fine. I haven't talked to them today and neither of them worked so Ducky didn't talk to Cecil.

Maybe the freeze damage won't be too bad. Only time will tell.

Hope you're feeling better, Sis.

Love and hugs,


Cecil said...

Hey. Just wanted to come on and say "hi".. we are worn out but doing ok. I got your message late last night so I didn't want to call too late... knew you'd be in bed. Hope you are doing better. Love y'all... Thanks for worrying about us... :) Love you more... Cecil

PEA said...

My Spring flowers haven't even had a chance to bloom I said in my post yesterday, they're scared to open! lol It's blowing and snowing here right now..SIGH! You mentioned camping and like you, I hate being cold and wet!! I don't make a very happy camper then! lol xoxo

Granny said...

I think the whole country has come down with the chills although today is much better than the two preceding.

The sun is shining and I don't think it got quite cold enough to kill anything.

Our early strawberries are out in the roadside stands. Shortcake this weekend perhaps?

Rachel said...

Love the pictures! Things around here got frozen quite a bit and my clematis was getting ready to bloom. I hope it will come out of it.

kansasrose said...

Hi honey! Oh your flowers look gorgeous compared to my stuff...flattened to the grounds and brown they are! I am taking some pix today of the devestation. Thank the Lord we were spared the big snow storm yesterday. Got some good rain. I still think my wheat was damaged bad but DH thinks it will snap out of it...not sure about the grapes too. We had a few nights of temps in the teens! I am so READY FOR WARM WEATHER! Have a great weekend dear! Love, Jen

Mountain Mama said...

Sorry about that destructive frost! Last spring we had a late frost that killed the blossoms on the fruit trees. I have two apple trees, one blooms right about now, middle of April and the other the end of April. I only got about a dozen apples from the late bloomer and none from the early.
Sure hope it's better this year.