Thursday, April 5, 2007

I've been Critiqued!!!!

I found this at Diane's Place,
So of course I wanted to see how I'd stack up.Not too bad...To be blog does need some help.I think Mr Bill McCaffery has a lot of good pointers for my blog.
I truly think you would benefit from a visit here.Everyone can take or leave his advise,myself...I think I will take it ;D.
I've been thinking about changing the color on here anyway.It is a little rough on my old tired eyes..LOL. Have fun with this and DON'T TAKE IT PERSONAL!!!!.
Many Thanks Kind Sir.

This blog is only a few months old but by the looks at the comment sections it has alot of steady readers and popularity. I enjoyed reading through this blog with lots of good stories and photography. I am going to give my opinion and some constructive criticism. The blog is not complimented by the template you've chosen. The green is hard on the eyes. The blog has alot to offer in the content and I think if the template was softer it would jive better with the posting. Also it looks like you were experimenting with labels that are stuck at the bottom of the page and I am confused by the idiot report that is there. If you are going to keep a label section you might want to edit and move it to the sidebar. Other than that I think the blog is moving in the right direction and I truly enjoyed reading through it.


Diane J. said...

Boy, you did tear up housekeeping, didn't you? LOL! ;D

Working with html and templates can drive you nuts real quick-like, so good luck with that, Sister.

I'm working on a new post right now, should be up in an hour or so, give or take a few minutes.

Lord willing, I guess I'll see you Saturday if not before.

Love y'all,


Granny said...

I should get up the nerve to send my blog in.



Diane J. said...

Mercy, done changed again! I'm not sure which I like best, though. I guess you're still looking...Hope you find one you really like, Sister.

Cecil just posted a new blog and she has a bit on there about B's Mom.



PEA said...

I don't know about you but when I sent in my blog to be critiqued, I was actually nervous! lol Billy was kind though! lol I love your new look and it is much easier on the eyes:-) Thank you again for the wonderful surprise package you sent me!! xoxo

Sister said...

It looks great! I love it...