Saturday, March 31, 2007

Spring has Sprung..

Hi everyone,I thought I'd share a few photos taken in our front yard today and yesterday.
I guess everyone knows by now that we love critters..ALL kinds of critters.We feed the birds and the squirrels.If you've been reading Susie's know you're gonna feed the squirrels anyway.LOL...We have suet hanging in the tree's,and mixed seeds on the ground for what-ever wants it.
I'm also gonna post a few pictures of my inside critters too.We have Patches..a calico about about 8 years old. Then theres Snowball, he's about 18 months old.When we open the cages,its not unusual to find Patches asleep int he bottom of the cage.The birds pay no attention to her.
I would have posted picures of the turtles but they are outside and it's late and wet out there.I have a 12 x 12 dog pen in our fenced in backyard,and thats where the turtles are.
As you can see we have all kinds of birds and squirrels here.One photo is of our dog Buttons,and Jon is spreading
birdseed under the oak tree.
The vines with the white blooms are dewberries.The
skinny looking tree with fruit on it are figs.Azaleas are
the pretty pink blooms.As you can see my roses are going to
bloom.The peach tree and the blueberries are in full bloom.
The picture of the broad-leafed plant by the fence is
If you'll notice the brown on the ground and on some of
the plants,it's dead blooms from the oaktrees.Another
pictures shows the pine trees blooming.That is bothering a
lot of noses around here.All the cars had yellow all over them.
The bottom photo is of me,Jen our Prarie Farmeress was
kind enough to send me this beautiful " Aunt Bea" apron.
This apron will fit anybody,and keep the flour off my clothes
when I make bread.(As well as make me look good).LOL
Thanks again Jen, I love it!!!! I sent you a little something
yesterday.I hope you like it ;D.
Prettylady had my name for the bunny exchange,I recieved
yesterday.I'll post on it very soon....Thanks prettylady,I like
it a lot.I can't wait to show everyone ;D.
Thats about all for tonight folks....I'll try another post
tomorrow.Take care everyone and have a safe weekend.
The little bit of picture above is one of my roses,double click
on it to see it.Double click on all of them to inlarge.


kansasrose said...

Oh sweetie you look HOT in that apron! What a doll you are! And your lovely gardens and critters...spring is bustin' out all over at Donna's place! God bless ya hon! What a beautiful place you have! So full of Life! xxxooo Jen ps I have 2 parakeets and a lovebird...and hope to get a canary soon!

Diane J. said...

I went to J & J's for supper on Saturday and noticed the dewberries blooming along the ditchbanks and roadsides. I sure would like to have some for jam and jelly later.

I do like that apron Jen sent you. I have one that was Lamar's granny's that I have absolutely worn out. I kept it to use as a pattern but haven't ever gotten around to actually, you know, SEWING one.

I got a package in the mail today from Barb. Good stuff. I posted it on my blog.

I'll be gone tomorrow all day. Going to eat somewhere, then to a shower for Jessica at DeLida's church. Yippee. ;D

Love you, Sis.

Rachel said...

I love all the pretty pictures!! Love the critters too. I'm a critter person as well, but we just have the dog and 2 cats right now. I'll feed any stray that happens along as well.

The apron looks great!! Looks like you are all set to get to cooking!!

Sister said...

Love the photos! Thanks for sharing...have a great week!


what a wonderful place you live in , spring has sprung already and I still shovel snow ! not as much but no grass yet! love all the pics of the critters , terrific to have them all around , and your apron is really nice , now if I can just figure out how to get at your baked bread LOl
have a great day and thanks for sharing


PEA said...

Can I come live with you??? lol Spring certainly has sprung over your way and it all looks so beautiful with all the Spring flowers in bloom! They're forecasting snow here tomorrow...ACK! Love all your pets...yup even the squirrel! lol What a lovely apron Jenny sent you...she really is a sweetheart:-) Loved all the pictures, thanks so much for sharing!!! xox

Anonymous said...

Great photos hon! Maybe you can teach me how to do I'm proud of you and what you do on here. Love ya.
Your hubby