Sunday, January 14, 2007

Lets try this again...

Ducky,(our daddys but)Mama holding our cousin Thomas,and Susie.
Joe(Diane)and Cecil(Lisa)
As you see by the date1955,the yr after I was born.
HELLO DEMOM BLOGGER.. This thing ate my last post..maybe its had enough now..It was a large post.
I want to take this time to welcome some new family members,in the near future we are being blessed by having 4 new babies this year(no more surprises anyone).
Our sister Ducky is being blessed in March or April...(when the Drs make up their mind).
Her son Danny and wife Mikki are having a son:) WTG kids.
Dianes daughter Jessica is having Emmy (as you know).Emmy is due in May.
My son Frankie and DIL Gail are due June 28th..our mamas b-day..don't know if its a boy or girl yet.
Amanda a friends daughter,is expecting a little boy in May.Good luck Amanda and Earl..
It's got to be the water..babies are popping up EVERYWHERE!!
While I'm here, I'm gonna post some old pictures of our home town and Diane and Cecil.I may get in trouble for it..but it will be worth it. Ya'll have a good week,and be blessed by all.Have fun all!!!


Mountain Mama said...

It sure does seem like there are a lot of babies coming. We have two more on the way in our family. A girl in March and a boy in April. I just love babies and can't wait to hold them.

Barb said...

Personally, I've always thought these spring babies explain how everyone's keeping warm in the long, cold winter!

I'm so excited about Emmy I can't stand it.

PEA said...

Yikes, I'm completely stopping to drink water! lol What a whole bunch of new babies arriving in the near future...what fun!! I sooo loved the pictures...ooooh look at them legs! lol So you're already becoming acquainted with Blogger's evil side eh? hehe You just never know how it's gonna act day to day! Hugs xox

Diane said...

I didn't mind the pictures at all, but Cecil went, "Ewww, yuck! THAT PICTURE! I HATE IT!" The one where we're posed in the saloon, you know, LOL!

And I've always thought that was me Mama was holding in that first picture...

I'm sorry about Johnny's aunt. I told Lamar that I thought that was Johnny's Aunt Mabel when I saw it in the obituaries, but I wasn't sure.

I am freezing! I'm wrapped up in two throws and my jacket and I'm still cold! Guess I'll have to call the landlord to work on the heating unit again, although I don't know why. He's worked on it a half dozen times and still hasn't fixed it. It's okay unless it gets really cold, then it just doesn't keep it warm in here.