Friday, January 5, 2007

At least they're not from our town....

Hi my name is Donna, I'm from a small town in NE Arkansas.I'm 52yrs young,happily married 14 yrs (working on the second go round)The first one didn't take.
What i write are thoughts and ideas all my own.You don't have to agree or disagree with them..just let it be.I go against the grain with some people,don't always do as expected.I expect you to do the same.
My favorite things to do are being with family, fishing,reading, camping(not sissy camping)cooking,target shooting,sewing ,puzzles,and anything mechanical.
When i was 32 took an automotive course and graduated with a 3.8 gpa.It helped i had helped my ex in a shop for about 2 yrs,and my dad as a teen.The neighbors told mom that dad was turning me into a boy!!It wasn't long she had me in the kitchen,and learning to sew.But come the weekend I was ready to go fishing or hunting with dad or grampa.I think i tore every dress mom put on me. I was the first girl to wear jeans in our town,but I felt like i had come home.(I asked for toy guns for Christmas).
I am the middle sister out of five girls.I was born Feb,19 1954.I have a hard head and a soft heart.I do not judge on the color of your skin,i could care less.I do judge on how you treat me or small children.What you do in private should stay private,unless you make it public.Then its free for all.
I believe in love of love of God, family,spanking kids (if they need it).a fair chance(or three)the best person for the job,taking care of our own,lending a helping hand,and the American dream.
I have been doing a ancester search for about 2 yrs now,and have rattled a few skeletons.
I know my G-great grandparents were mostly Indian(i don't know what else)I know they came from Indian Campground Creek in Bannock Co,Kentucky.(fathers side)
My mothers side was scottish,I found them in Tenn,back to the early 1800's.
I know that Daddys name is Irish and his heritage was Indian,(Cook)
I know that Moms was Scottish (Headrick)
I also know that all of my sisters are as different as night and day,but we have one thing in common,we all love each other and our familys with every thing we have in us.Thank You Lord. amen


PEA said...

Hi Donna...thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment:-) I always love to "meet" new people!! I think it's a great idea that you'll be leaving the souvenir spoons to your sons don't want my collection so I'm trying to find someone who will want them and appreciate them...that's why I mentioned them on my post this morning:-) Your sister Diane is such a joy and her friendship means the world to me...I started blogging back in March 2006 and it still amazes me the friendships I've made through it!! Happy New Year to you and yours! Hugs xox

Diane said...

Guess what...I found you! I'm glad you finally got on the blogging bandwagon, Sister. I think you'll find you really love it and the people you meet on here.

Love you, Sister, looking forward to blogging with you. :-)

zzop357 said...

Hi Pea thanks for comming by.I love to go by your blog,I never know whats on the menu or what great pictures you'll have up.I love how family minded you are and how your memories bring back all of mine.Please drop in again,anytime.Thanks again.

Judith said...

Hi Donna, I just read your post about daughter and grand child. My heart goes out to you, for I know how it hurts, seeing your children's and your grand children's lives not be the way they need.

I started blogging last May I believe, after daughter, Bev, at "Blessed Beyond Measure" kept trying to get me to. I was dealing with some difficult decisions, and still have a few, but the friendship and support of people here, a lot like you and me, has helped more than I can say. They've prayed for my safety coming through mountains in December, and many other things. So welcome! Lots of friends here are waiting to know you, and we have fun, too.

Tammy said...

Hi nice to meet ya! I'm here from your sister Diane's blog...she mentioned that you are new to blogging and I just wanted to welcome you...I'm a Ky gal...with Cherokee Indian/Scott-Irish heritage and who knows we might be kin somewheres down the line!
Come see me sometime!!

Barb said...

Welcome to our world, Donna. I suspect you're going to love it.

It's nice to meet you. I'm not the least surprised that you shoot straight from the hip. Your sister certainly does! LOL

That's why we love her and that's why we're going to love you, too.

Susie said...

Hi Donna,
Welcome to the world of blogging. I'm here from Diane's who has been a great blogging friend for close to a year now.
Stop by and visit. I hope we'll become friends!

zzop357 said...

Hey Susie,I make a point to lurk at your blog at least once a day.I may not say much,but I love to look in and see what everyone is doing.I never had typing in school,so I'm very slow at it,but I'm learning.
I hope you visit often,you'll be very welcome anytime.

Anonymous said...

hello moma,
believe me i know i havent been the greatest mother to jon but i did try with joshua and luci and i miss luci very much she is my best friend,she is only person who has ever understood me or didnt judge me and i do love my children,and yes i know the reason why i have skiafronia and bipolar is the result of my past drug use and its no ones fault but my own,i dont want sypmathy from anyone,one once in my life i found a man that accepts my children and me for us,and yes he is just like me,i know its not easy but i want to raise my daughter and see my boys as much as i can,i want the best for my kids i always have no matter where they are and i am willing to let jeremy see his daughter because growing up these days with out your parents its really hard and i realize that now,and it took long enough to realize that i am willing to take care of luci,i wish me and jon would have bonded but that is when i was young and dumb,i am 30 now and i know that alot different than 19,for once cant you accept me as your daughter,i do love my kids