Saturday, August 8, 2009


Young barn owl.
Isn't he gorgeous?He is just a baby, just fledged. The nest gets crowded as they grow.

They leave the nest very early, unable to feed themselves.

Mom and Dad find them at night and feed them.IF.. nothing gets them like a dog or hawk.
This one dehydrated and fell from a tree in our backyard. Fell in the neighbors yard which has 2 labs. The male lab attacked the poor owl.I twisted his ear and he dropped the owl.The lab didn't like me for a day or two!!! LOL

They are a protected species.These poor critters are disappearing because nesting places are becoming scarce.Do everyone a favor.....If you have an old barn or a hollow tree that isn't putting anyone in danger.Leave it for the wildlife.We've taken most of the wild and made it our own.Don't you think its time to return the favor?


michelle said...

Amen! Man is so selfish and just wants more and more.

Donna said...

Wow, how cool. I love owls.

Cecil said...

Hey.. love the pics! I love owls anyway! Hope ur all doing ok.. ok here. Hope u and Diane get to go camping. Love, Cecil

Rachel said...

Oh, how wonderful that you saved this owl!! I hope he/she did okay after the lab attack.

What a face!!

Yes, humans are taking over all their habitat areas. It's a shame too.