Saturday, March 14, 2009

A houseful of fun.

I haven't said much lately, I have been rather busy. We have our grand-daughter with us again.
Luci came down for Christmas and stayed.We took her 2 weeks ago and had tubes put in her ears and her adenoids removed. The poor child could not hear and we had to yell just to communicate.
She had several tests done also. She does have asthma. Her Dr. in Mountain View had taken her off her *Singulair* and she was sick and coughing when she came here.We got a pediatrician and she is doing much better now.
On to the next sick child.Jon bless his heart,has had the old fashioned flu. The intestinal flu. He came home Monday from school and wasn't feeling well.He went to bed at 5o'clock.I knew then we had problems.2 days of aches and pains and 2 days of vomiting and the diarrhea started Friday. We have been really having a fun family time.
I have quit my night job as of 2 weeks ago. I can't do it and my day job. I have been to the Dr. several times and I'm living on steroids and cortisone shots. So far my hands are still swollen and have knots on top and in my wrists. So they are putting me on a chemo drug to see if that helps. I really don't want to take this drug, but I really need my hands.. I haven't been on here much. I pop in and read a few blogs, but it hurts to type so I just visit and leave. Or leave a short note.
I hope everyone is doing OK. My family are happy now that I spend more time at home.
God bless, and take care. Donna


Diane@Diane's Place said...

Hey Sis, glad to see a new post from you. Sorry you're hurting so much. I'm hurting too, but not as bad as you are apparently. At least my hands ease up at times and don't hurt all the time. My knees and back are a different story though.

Let me know what you decide to do about the chemo drug and if you decide to do it, if it helps.

Hope Luci and John are feeling better. My metformin, diabetes med, is still causing me some major intestinal grief. I hate to think about changing meds because it's really keeping my sugar under control, but I can't live with diarrhea the rest of my life either. What to do, what to do.....

Love y'all and hope to see you soon.


Greeneyes said...

Sorry to hear your feeling so rotten ! Gosh it is way worse than I thought , I am glad you are gonna only work the day job that may help you with your pain alot /
ANd sounds like your running your very own clinic , well you have a 24/7 job just with the grandbabies , Bless you for that , not all Grandmas would do that ! they are lucky to have you ! I hope things start to slow down for you and you get some time to relax and recoop , good luck with the treatment ,I hope for a cure for you . HUGS

Nancy said...

You are having quite a time, aren't you? I am so sorry that you are in such pain with your hands. Maybe just working one job will help you, too. I am on prednisone myself at the present time. It will help with inflammation. I have lupus and take it off and on all the time. I do understand your pain, bless your heart...

You are a good grandma, too! Poor kids, being so sick. You have certainly had more than your share lately.

I am late in visiting as I have been stripping wallpaper...what a job!!! I have had to lay off several days...too hard on my knees standing on a ladder! My back is killing me, too. These golden years aren't one bit golden! LOL I will be 64 in April....gotta get this work all done while I am still able! LOL

You take care now and post when you can! Stop over and see what I've been up's not pretty, but it will be when I get it all done! Just say...."I was here" and I will know you stopped by.

Love you and hope you get relief soon from your pain. Prayer going out for you right now!!!

((( HUGS )))

Nancy said...

Thanks for dropping by! I feel like I know you all just from blogging!!! Love that Diane and her blog, too! And then Cecil's blog and can't forget dear Jessica and darling little Emmy!!! I just LOVE that little girl!!!

To answer your questions...I am painting a light tan color and my tile is tan and textured like stone. I know it sounds bland, but I want to be able to put up different color towels and rugs and shower curtains. I have so many towels I haven't been able to use because with the wallpaper, I was limited to just 2 colors, the teal green and magnolia rosey peach color. I found a great pic at Wal-Mart last week with a dark brown rope-fluted frame that I plan to hang over the towel bar as a focal point...the first thing a person will notice when they enter that room. I just wish Wally's World would have had another one with the same frame (a pair) for over the other towel bar. I will post pics of it on my blog if I ever get it finished! LOL

I have to see if I have your email, and I can send you a link of a decorator in FL who decorates a lot of the rental properties....beautiful!!! Also, some nice pics of homes there. We can get ideas from that....and then do just the cheap ones! ha-ha

((( HUGS )))

kansasrose said...

Just letting ya know hon you and your family are in my prayers. I hope the new med gives you some relief dear Donna. Thanks for the invite. You will always be a lady I look up to and admire. You are a true friend too. Hope all the kids are feeling better, and summer will be here before ya know it. I feel so much better arthritis wise in summer. Are ya planting a big garden?

Love, Jen xxxooo