Monday, November 3, 2008

We went camping!!!!

This is some of the scenery on Crowley's Ridge last week-end. Diane and I were brave and took 4 boys camping. We had a lot of orange, red and yellow trees to look at.
This is the sign going into the park. Everyone should look up Crowley's Ridge on is the only formation of it's kind on earth.
Beautiful tree on a hill,Diane took this on the way to her house.
These are ducks that stay year round at Poinsett State Park, where we stayed.
Another view of the lake and trees.
This is looking back the other way.See the cypress on the right.Looks almost like an ever-green.
These are the heathens, I mean angels, that we had with us.
Another look at the ducks.
This is the play-ground, beside it is a field they often play ball in.
This is a shot of the visitor center.
This is the camping spot across from us,notice the hill rising up behind it. Lake Poinsett is located on the ridge.
You can't see it, but the boys are going down hill.There is a gully ahead of them.
Diane took this,I'm eating a brownie and reading. Notice the coat and the lovely hair-do.
Cooking sausage and biscuits,Coffee pot is ready.
Early morning shot of the lake.It was a nice day,about 70 F.
This is before everyone accidentally fell, slid, or was pushed in the lake.
Another dry,clean shot.Kinda chilly still.
This is the same picture that is on the web page for Poinsett State Park.
I don't know about Diane, but I had fun. The boys had fun showing off, and showing out. It was a little cool at night, some of the boys weren't prepared for cool weather camping.(one brought shorts to wear). The trails were blocked this weekend....The National Guard was doing maneuvers.The boys wanted to do the trails and protested a bit.
Someones cow was loose and lowed all night. That was a little bothersome. The deer are in rut right now, I saw 5 doe's when I came back from the store.(and from getting Jon's pillow)So deer were crashing through the brush less that 30 feet from camp. But all and all, it was a good weekend. The boys loved it, and thats what makes my world go round.
I hope everyone out there had a good weekend. I pray for the travelers in Arkansas and Missouri .With deer in rut, the doe's are on the run and no place is safe right now.You will see them every where. So drive safe and watch out for bambi.
God bless and watch over you. Donna


Michelle said...

The pictures are lovely and it sounds like an interesting and fun trip.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

I had a great time, but my arthritis didn't enjoy it at all. This too shall pass though. I hope we can manage to get at least one more trip in before it gets too cold for you.

Love you, Sis.


Linds said...

Wonderful photos, Donna - you survived the boys and camping! I hope you two stayed warm. What a beautiful place!

Lucy Stern said...

I just love the fall colors....We don't get them down here in Houston. Ever since the hurricane, our trees look really weird. Many of them were stripped of there leaves.

Glad that you, Diane and the boys had a good time. I haven't been camping in years...

Have a great day, get out and vote.

PEA said...

Yup, you two are very brave to have brought 4 boys camping! lol Glad to hear it all turned out great, though:-) Loved seeing all the pictures...we have no leaves left on the trees now, all we need is the snow for it to look like winter. ICK! xoxo

Rachel said...

Sounds like fun and what a lovely place!!

kansasrose said...

Looks like you all had a great time! The scenery is gorgeous! The deer in rut I can do without...they are on the run here too. There is a doe carcass not far from our house in the ditch that met with a car or truck. Not fun to drive by after 3 days in warm temps...

take care hon! God bless you my friend, Jen

Jess said...

As we were coming home from Memphis with Emmy today, someone was sitting on the side of the road with a policeman..and they had hit a deer.

Hope all is well!
Love you,

Aunt Jenny said...

Loved seeing the pictures...looks like so much is snowing now here today..and very cold..too cold for anymore camping this year for sure. darn it!!
The deer are out like crazy here too....and I hate driving at night this time of year for that reason.
Have a great week!!

Anonymous said...

My Goodness your a brave soul !! Heathens /Angels LOL ,cold ,deer in rut looking for Bami, men on manovers ,you have a great nerve for adventure and not to mention the poor cow that lost its way ! LOL
I wouldnt dare go camping here right now outside , the cabin is ok ,but now frost is everywhere in AM and we had alot of snow recently ,didnt stay but is COOOOOOOOOLD!!!!!I would have loved to be where you guys were it looked so wonderful,and that pic with the sunset ??and clouds on the lake is breathtaking !
Most who camp around here this time of the year are the hunters , (MOOSE./Caribou) we get them on our highways too , poor things :-(
Glad to know you had fun , thanks for sharing the pics , enjoyed them. Take care and God Bless

By the way have your "BOYS" ever roasted octopus dogs , I am sure they have but in case not , pierce wennie in middle with stick and slice ends towards middle of weenie to make four splits total (not all the way to middle )on the ends and when roasting they curl like octopuss , your boys may be to old for it , but worth a try if they get bored !LOL

(Sorry for writting a novel ,LOL)

Cecil said...

Looks like you all had a great time! That's good. Hope you all get to go again soon ... before it gets too cold... Love y'all.. Cecil

Anita said...

What a beautiful place!

Nancy said...

Beautiful pics! Looks like a great place to camp with Mother Nature! You and Diane were brave to take 4 boys along! LOL Sounds like they had fun...getting in the lake, whichever way they went in...LOL Didn't you girls get cold, sleeping out like that? Brrrr.....LOL

(((((( HUGS ))))))