Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lets go back in time........(Warning long post)

Lets go back in time for a little while. How about the Civil War? We made a trip (about 10 miles from here) to Parkers Homestead. I'm sure a lot of you have never heard of it.But it's a very busy place in the spring and fall.
First picture is a Army wagon.Used during the war.

This is hand guns and rifles used by both sides in the war.They are kept in top condition by their owners.
This is a 1949 Farmall tractor.
I didn't check the date on these.Bu I know thats a 4 row plow.
One of the lady's that works here and sells goods.
An old Chrysler some one brought .Nice isn't it?
Another old car.
Isn't this one a beauty? BTW, these were driven here :)
This is Jon on one of the first riding mowers.
This is for Jen,KansasRose...I know you love the oldies but the goodies!!!
This is my favorite place.I love old barns.I like to look and explore them. This one is still in use.
This is Jon and I looking in the barn.They keep animals in here when its bad.
This is the hay loft.Ready for Halloween. I didn't know I was in the picture. This barn is huge. My house would fit inside of it.
Another picture,this shows the logs and how they fit together.
A picture of a regiment of Confederate Soldiers.This hangs over the 4 poster bed I in a cabin here.
My SIL and I checking out some sweet taters.
Man running the Sorghum press.I love this machine.I could squeeze a lot of juice from those blackberries. Jen could make a lot of wine this way too!!!
A little girl wearing a sun bonnet.
One of my favorites, Quilting!!! Look at that new rack!!!
Broom making.Everyone needs brooms!!!
Cooking Sorghum, its hard work.Hot too. All done with wood heat.
My BIL. He's a Mason. They cooked 96 Boston buttes yesterday and sold out!!! You could buy a sandwich or the whole butte. I don't know how many they cooked today.
This is a log cabin.The 4 poster bed is in here. All are set up and usable.They even have a fancy slop-jar.(pottie)
This is inside the cabin, click twice to enlarge. Notice the rice-bag pillowcases.
Jon and I entering Parker Homestead. This covers 15 acres or more, counting crops.
This is the smithy. he had another forge out side that was bigger.Notice the anvil. About 100 lbs or more.
Hubby pointed out this was a left handed Blacksmith.
I'm not sure what this is.But it held liquid I know.But it had a long shaft with a propeller in the barrel contraption.
This is the mule that turned the sorghum press. He protested loudly when asked to move faster .LOL. He wanted to eat the sugarcane.LOL
So thats what we did today. I was ready to have some family time after working all week. Jon had a friend over Friday night. It seems our weekend are a mess here lately.One weekend I had a tooth ache the next company and over night visitors. Or I'm working or both.
I had to work last night after all, But I did it under protest.That made 30 hours at school and 25 at the restaurant. So I was ready for a day away. In a few weeks I want to go camping for Jon's birthday.I'll take Jon and his friend Destin (they have the same birthday 1 hour apart) to Poinsett Park to camp out. I will see if Diane wants to go too.There is fishing, canoeing and lots of trails and snakes to keep the boys busy while we fish.
Now for the tooth fairy story.There wasn't anything wrong with my tooth. The tooth was broken loose years ago when a Dentist pulled the tooth next to it.It just got looser and finally starter to really bother me.So it had to go.It was waking me up at night hurting.So bye-bye tooth.To make things worse, I had to get a cold with the tooth ache. So I wasn't a happy camper. I tried to stay away from everyone, because of my foul mood.
This last week was much better, except for working too much.Now there's a full moon coming up (sigh). That always makes for some cranky, and strange mood swings. Our family is usually pretty sane(don't laugh Diane). We are a little nutty, but not INSANE.
I want to thank everyone who came by and checked on me and I thank you very much.I don't have much time to blog anymore, but I will try to do better. Some nights I read and run, but I have to sleep some times. I try to get on between 2:30 and 5:00.
But family wants to see me sometimes too. I'm hoping to have more nights off this week so I can get around to visit everyone. Until then, God bless everyone .


Diane@Diane's Place said...

Love all the pics from Parker Homestead. I went there last Fall and I remember all the buildings and such, especially the barn. I really liked the barn and stuff in it, LOL.

Glad you're feeling better. I'm still fighting allergies, but if I feel like it at all I sure do want to go camping. Just have to hope I'm feeling better by then.

Hope you have a better time of it this week.

Love y'all,


Linds said...

I loved the photos of your day out- so fascinating to see things working the old way! Just post when you can - but do take some time to relax too!

Brenda said...

I loved all the pictures! I remember my grandma used to make a sorghum cake, with I knew how she did, it was yummy!

Have a great week and stop working so hard!

Lucy Stern said...

I loved looking at all of those pictures...I have always been impressed with farm life and log cabins. If I could get one wish, I would wish to live in a log cabin up in the mountains of Colorado.....

I wonder if that contraption that you were wondering about is a machine that makes butter? I know that they put the cream in a barrel and have to stir till it makes butter.....

I hope you are feeling better soon and don't have to work so many hours this coming week. Your camping trip sounds great.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Oh how fun! I would have had a blast there with you. Right up my alley!

Jess said...

I really like it at Parker Homestead. And you shouldnt worry about the blog...especially with you working so much and being so busy and tired! We will be here when you get back as always!

Love you Aunt Donna!


Aunt Jenny said...

I loved seeing all the pictures! Parker's Homestead looks like a place I would love to visit!!!
What fun!!
YOu make sure to take care of yourself..that is alot of hours!!
Have a nice week!!

kansasrose said...

Hey Donna, Great photos, looks like an interesting place to visit! I love those oldies hon! :D Whooo is it ever pouring rain. We are in another flood watch. It's been a wet, soggy fall so far.

I'm glad you are feeling better. I understand how time for you is "squeezed" do so much for everyone, work all those hours too. You rock it out girlfriend. I've got a lot of chit chat for ya so I'll email you the rest soon. Don't think I'll be blogging much longer hon. Too many pans in the fire. ;)if you know what I mean.

Get some shut eye. Will yak at ya soon. Loveyou, Jen

Cecil said...

Sounds like you had a good time at Parker Homestead... Glad your tooth is gone=better. I am ok.. allergies and asthma are bad.. but it's that time of year for me... I know you and Diane are excited to go camping... hope y'all have a good time... You need to get away and de-stress.. Have a good weekend.. Love ya, Cecil

kansasrose said...

Mornin' hon,

Just had to stop back and see your cool photos again. What a great place to visit! Love the old tractors and cars and all that machinery. I'd go ape crazy over that kind of stuff. :)

Busy busy here too. Crazy times. Hey, I'll chat soon with ya when I get a breather. Take care dear friend. God bless you and yours hon. Lovesya, Jen

Cecil said...

I love the holidays... and I miss Mama and Daddy both so much sometimes... so I know what you mean... and I miss Brian's mom, too. Hope you settle down a bit this week... Love ya.. Cecil

Anita said...

What fabulous pictures!
I always wanted a job in a place like this... :)

Cecil said...

Hey... B. was just in for the day but I was so glad to see him! Won't be long.. Hope you've had a good week.... I'll tell him you miss him... Love y'all.. Cecil

Greeneyes said...

Great Post , loved following you around and seeing all the interesting things there , and I noticed one thing about you I did not before , (mystery,,,,,LOL)you have a tat, I didnt notice before , I always wanted one but am a germ phob and half chicken (BAWK!!;-) )

I am happy that your tooth is not bugging you anymore , awful when you got a snaggle tooth acting up !:)
I LOL when I read the part about being Nutty but sane , that's the best parts of families as long as no one gets hurt , tis all good LMBO ;-)
you still work too hard and by the way ,your looking good there Donna

Rachel said...

Those pictures of older things brings back some memories. That looks like a great place to visit.

Sorry about your tooth and the cold. Who wouldn't be cranky with both of those at once!!

I hope you have a Happy Halloween!!