Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

Today Is Labor Day so.... That's what I did. I haven't taken pictures yet, But I will.
I tackled those apples I told you about. I had to cull some of them. Too many worms. The apples I used are home grown and NOT sprayed or treated. So you're gonna have some critters.
Any way, I have 6 quarts of apple pie filling. 6 pints apple sauce, and 5 pints of apple butter. Not counting what I made a few weeks ago. I also made apple chips out of some of the tart apples. I used 4 trays in the dehydrator for those. It made about a quart and a half of chips. If I need them all I have to do is put them in water and heat them a little.
My schedule this week is a little better. At school its the same every day, 8am till 2pm. At the restaurant's a little different: off Tuesday , Wed. 5 till 10:00.Thursday: 3 till 10:00.Friday 5 till 10:00. Sat. 5 till 10:00. So only 24 hours at school this week and 22 at the restaurant. That beats 59 1/2 hours last week, for sure.
I hope everyone has enjoyed the holiday, and made it home safe. I feel so sorry for the people in Louisiana today. The hurricane has got in for that poor state. I hope and pray the poor folks have a home to go back too. It also looks like the east coast is going to get some bad weather too. I guess it's the season for it .So everyone get on their praying hats and see if we can help some folks out. I read several blogs from over east. I would hate to lose anyone to a storm. A storm is just so impersonal, It doesn't care who or what it hurts. Lets pray it misses everyone and goes out to sea.
I hope everyone has a safe and simple week. God bless you all.


Diane@Diane's Place said...

Hey, Sis. Glad you got to rest a little, although you worked at home. It's not quite the same as working at the restaurant or the school.

I like to make fried pies from dried apples, peaches or apricots. I wouldn't mind having some apples to dry, but my dehydrator trays are getting so brittle I don't know if I have enough left to even start. Several of the have already broken so I had to pitch 'em.

Bet your thumb and fingers are sore from all the peeling.

We went to Jtown with Sue and Cecil and met Jessica, Jason and Emmy at Western Sizzlin' for dinner. It was okay. Then we went to the mall for a while. I read a book at Barnes and Noble and drank a cup of coffee.

Jessica cooked supper for everybody but I was still full from dinner and didn't eat anything. Everybody said it was really good.

Hope you find some time to rest a little more this week. Sure would like to see y'all some time...

Love and hugs,


Linds said...

What is Apple butter? I have been making apple sauce and pie filling too. I don't have a dehydrater though - never seen one!
They don't call it Labor day for nothing then, it seems! You work SO hard!

Lucy Stern said...

Wow, you are a hard working lady...I really do need to get a dehydrator and do some drying....I'm glad you were able to put up some apples. God blesses us with extra and it is nice to know what to do with it...Keep up the good work. I know that you worked on labor day but it was good work. Try to get some rest here and there...See ya later.

Aunt Jenny said...

I bet your kitchen smelled so good!! It isn't quite apple time here yet, and my own trees didn't have any this year cuz of the late spring freezes..but I will be buying a few boxes of apples to put up for sure. There are apple farms north of here and it is a fun trip to get some. I will be canning peaches this weekend..
Today we have overcast weather and looks like we may get a little rain..I can live with that!!
I am glad to hear you have a few less hours this week..I hope you are able to find some "Donna time" in there to relax!!!
take care!!

Brenda said...

You sure were a busy lady! I'll bet those apples will taste mighty fine come winter.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I do not much like the critters in apples! LOL!

kansasrose said...

Hi hon,

YOu never slow down do ya Donnadynamo lol? The apples sure look nice...wish I could be there to help. We'd have a fun time! :) I left ya a little blog award on my blog wheats! You are one of the best there is...stop by when ya get a break...take care hon.

Jess said...

Hey Aunt Donna...soudns lie you have been very very busy! When do you sleep and rest? Goodness!

Glad you don't have as many hours this week!

Lots of love and hope to see you soon

Cecil said...

Sounds like you took the holiday seriously.. labor day, so you labored! As usual... Glad you got to be off anyway.. apples sound good but I only like 2 kinds.. Granny Smith and gala.. galas are my fave!! Love ya.. Cecil

Midlife Mom said...

Wow! You have been busy! I have never made apple butter but it sounds delicious!

Thank you for commenting on my Farewell post about our horse Buddy. We are doing a bit better each day I think but it's been hard. I'm just so glad that I had him for so many years and he was pampered and cared for and never had a harsh word said to him. Lots of horses don't have that priviledge do they? Everyone has been so nice and supportive and that sure means a lot!!

Anonymous said...

Hi ,
Your last message on my blog was like a warm hug , I had to come and say Thank you ,it was at the exact right time ! (funny how that works:-)I needed that , you sweet woman you!!!
I hope you have a fantastic week and your work load be light as a feather and you sleep like a newborn ;)
Take care of you TOO!!!!!!

thanks again


Rachel said...

You are one busy woman! I hate peeling those apples with all the bugs, spots, etc. They are good though!

Gigi said...

Good night...that was a busy and productive Labor Day! I always feel good (tired, but good!) at the end of a day like that...and I love making apple butter too; the house smells delicious for days on end after that, doesn't it? I've enjoyed reading your blog!

kansasrose said...

Hey hon,

I can't wait to see your package! You are so dear....what a sweet surprise! Hope your week has gone well, and you have a nice, relaxing weekend. You deserve it hon. It sure is sticky and muggy here, lots of rain east of us from the Ike hurricane. Supposed to get a lot of storms tomorrow. I'll be picking grapes in the rain. Got to get them all picked this weekend, press and get the juice in the fridge. Then I'll be a jelly makin' fool! :) I'll send ya some of my catawba grape jelly, and muscat. I sure enjoy your comments hon...when we get to meet someday we will have a chin waggin' good time! lol. Take care my friend. God bless. Love you, Jen

Midlife Mom said...

Just checking in to see if you have a new post up. Hope all is okay and will be looking forward to the next one!