Saturday, April 19, 2008

We are alive...I think ;)

First let me thank everyone who's been asking about us. It's been a rough 4 months around here. If one of us hasn't been sick the others have. The dr's were treating me for a sinus infection and bronchitis that antibiotics weren't helping at all. They finally decided it was bacterial instead. I'm on medicine for that w/a built in steroid, and a decongestant called medent ldi. This gets rid of all the goop in my other-wise empty head. Jon started us out at Christmas with the stomach virus, then the croup, then the old fashioned flu. I finally told him to STOP bringing home other peoples germs...We had enough of our own. I had the virus 3 weeks ago on top of the other stuff yuck!
We have added another member to our house as of February 5th. Our granddaughter Luci has come to live with us for a while. We put her in head-start and will start her in kindergarten next month. We have been hustling to buy her clothes and necessity's . I think I'm gonna buy her boy's jeans to wear. I don't like the little girl jeans...what and why does a 5 year need to wear low rider jeans?? The jeans don't stay up on little girls...They have no hips...At least with the boys jeans I can find the right size .This little girl is TALL. She can wear a five slim now. I think when school starts a 6 or a 7. (her dad is 6ft 5.)We have had a battle or 10 about cleaning her room, we learned that I think. We also had a little noticed I said 1.
I won't bore you with all the other stuff going on here, but I will tell you its been interesting.
Now on to spring....I have roses that will be blooming soon. I have figs about the size of quarters.Most of my flowers are up and doing some what good (we had frost the other night). My blueberries are blooming and some have small berries. I may have to put in a garden this year, the prices here are outrageous for canned goods. Some of them are up to 2 for $ thats not a mistake.Thats the price. I may have to start making my loaf bread again. What I really want is some homemade yeast dough nuts.There is nothing better than that.Well maybe toll house cooking right from the oven.The kids stand and watch me take them out to see if they can sneak one.
I want to leave you with a funny story that happened yesterday. Jon who is 12. Had a friend to come over yesterday to spend the night. The boys wanted to ride bikes and Jon needed his front tire aired up. So hubby did it for them. The boys rode about 30 minutes and pulled up in front of us to talk for a while. As they were setting on there bike we heard a loud pop like a 22 rifle makes. The other boy jumps off his bike screaming that someone was shooting at him. Johnny and I were almost rolling on the ground laughing at him. Jon was sitting on his bike with his mouth open stunned...
I had to get up and show the boy he wasn't being shot at, Jon's back tire had just blew out!!! I guess over the winter they had dry-rotted.It was a good laugh anyway.
I think I'll post this and look at a few blogs and call it a night. Till next time, may God bless and watch over each and everyone of you.


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Hello hon! So sorry you guys have been so sick. I will keep you in my prayers. I will pray also for the sweet little angel that has come to stay with you as well. god bless!

Anita said...

I am so glad to see you back! You sound as busy as ever... but happy! Hope the spring has brought good health to your house, and everyone will be back to normal soon!

kansasrose said...

Good Monday morn dearest Donna...Praise God you are all getting over this nasty flu season. You all have been through the wringer bless your hearts! God is GOOD... He has given us the spring to remind us of His love and mercy. I hold you my friend in my devotions...your sweet family too, and now this little precious grand-daughter. I know you will do fine with her and God knows this too.

I hear ya on the cost of food. it's outrageous and scarey. I'm lokking to make my own bread too...and grind the wheat I grow for flour.

What a funny story on the blown bike tire! Wish I could have seen the look on his face. lol
Have a blessed week hon. Love ya, Jen

Jess said...

Hey Aunt are you? Good to see that you guys are still kicking...while you've had the crud..Emmy started walking.. just yesterday. Did you get her invite? Well I hope to hear from you soon and Love you lots...Miss you too!

Diane J. said...

Hey, Sis, glad to see you feeling good enough to post again. Hopefully with warmer weather most of the bugs and viruses will ease up some.

Victoria looks like Frankie and William. ;o)

I got some videos of Emmy walking that I'm going to try to post on my blog tomorrow.

I wish I could have seen that kid when that tire blew, LOL! I'll bet that WAS funny! ;o)

Love you and hope to see y'all again soon.


Cecil said...

he he he.... thought he got shot at huh? funny... but with the way the world is, you can't blame him.. have a good week.. love ya..