Friday, February 22, 2008

Tornado pictures...The aftermath.

This is Mountain View after 2 tornadoes went through Feb,5 2008.
  1. new car dealership....used to be. home. 3. parts of dealership visited the hospital.4. another new home.5.older home made of brick.6.another view of new home #4. 5.I think it was a house...not sure. I'll post more pictures tomorrow. I should have more time then. I hope you'll pray for these folks. They have a lot of good people helping them clean up.... but it will never be the same. Donna


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

That was just so terrible~

RennyBA said...

Even in Norway, we've heard about this tragedy - sorry for the one who suffers!

Btw: Actually here from Diane to wish you belated Happy Birthday!

Cecil said...

I always pray whenever I hear the word "storm"... I know we have been very blessed.. we should be so thankful... Love you... Cecil

Diane J. said...

It could just as easily have happened here or Trumann or Harrisburg. Sooner or later it will. It's only God's grace that it hasn't happened already.

God bless them..

Hope you have a good weekend, Sis.

Love you,


kansasrose said...

May the angels watch over you all and protect from the storms and wind. We are coming up on the tornado season now in Kansas. I think about that Greensburg KS tornado last may and sweet Anita and her family. I pray no one has this kind of catastrophie to deal with again. God bless you all in Arkansas! Love, Jen