Thursday, November 22, 2007

I got this over at Anita's!!!!

Your Native American Name Is...

Sooleawa Pauwau

Your name means: Silver Witch


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Here is mine:
Winona Mansi

Your name means: Giving Plucked Flower
When I did it for my hubby it was Laughing Hairy Rope! LOL!
I have a native american friend who calls me Tender of Heart and that is what she has named me! LOL!

Anita said...

Silver Witch?? Hmm.. lol That's cool.. lol

Diane J. said...

Makawee Yepa

Your name means: Mothering Snow Woman

Okay that's pretty accurate, I guess. I did it first with my last name and first, and I was Middle Aged Gathering Spider Woman, LOL! ;o)

Love y'all,


Linds said...

My name was diabolical! It means Cold Witch. Hmmmm. Not what I would be looking for!

Thanks for visiting! I can tell you the steps are staying unpainted. I am all painted out!

PEA said...

Your Native American Name Is...
Keegsquaw Pauwau

Your name means: Virgin Witch

I'm still laughing at that one! LOL

Hi Donna:-) I'm so glad to see you posting again and what a pleasure to see your smiling face in my comments again!! I've just read your previous post and you are indeed very lucky to have such a loving family...I absolutely love that picture of all you girls. Take good care of yourself and keep an eye on my blog..I'll soon post a contest to win a sampler of my chocolates! hehe xoxo

Greeneyes said...

MY Native American Name Is...
Meoquanee Alaqua

means: Red Wearing Sweet Gum Tree

jUST WHAT I THOUGHT ,lol HAHAHAHA ,but how they knew I had on red jammies I will never know LOL

Take care