Saturday, June 2, 2007

Summer is here ya'll !!!

(R) This ornery little bird is a barred tail woodpecker.About the time you take his picture,he turns upside down and shows you his behind....I wonder if he's telling us something...
(Double-click on pictures to enlarge).
(L) Tigerlillies are growling at my hollyhocks.
(R) Jasmine is smelling good too...
(L) My hollyhocks are blooming.
(R) Hubby and Jon taking life easy ;)
(L) What we put up last weekend.
(R) I don't know what this is but I like them.
(L) My climbing rose.
(R) This was our moon last week...
Left,Jon working on a old,old bike he bought.My old bike is behind him.My bike was given to me, it's about 50 years old!!!(like me)
The bird on right is a female hummer.
The photo on right is a young ruby throated hummingbird.
The pic,below is a goldfinch.On the left,baby cardinals.The nest is in a cedar tree,about 4ft off the ground.

I guess from my absence you can tell we've been
busy.Not so busy I couldn't take pictures though.
In the evenings we sit out in the front yard and watch the birds.Some of these I took
and some Hubby snapped.
The picture of the white cat is my baby Snowball. Poor baby is almost blind but he gets around good.He's broken his nose several times missing the doorways or running into closed doors.
Right now he wants outside to terrorize the birds, but the neighbors dog is loose so he just watches instead.This dog a lab,killed my old cat.
I didn't see him do it,but he did it. It was natural I know, but I still miss her.
Today Jon and I put 28 chicken eggs in the incubator.They are mixed eggs...bantys and mixed breeds.The rooster was a we'll see.LOL. I have a 12 x 12 x 6 foot dog pen in the fenced in backyard. I dug a trench and put the sides in it,then poured cement in it last summer.
The dogs can't get in, so now I only have to watch for possoms and snakes.Speaking of snakes.....
Jon and the dog found one today in the backyard. Jon yells "It a copperhead"!!!. I send him after the rake,and I go look at it....It's a little hog-nosed snake...completely harmless. I showed him how it "played" dead when threatened. Around here it has another name too, we call them spreading adders, because it flattens it's head like a cobra.I'll post pictures later if they turn out.
The rain we had last week is long gone.The next day the farmers were back in the fields,and dust was flying. The temperatures have been in the upper 80's and low 90's already.The humidity is outrageous, and allergies are going wild. The skeeters aren't too bad yet, but the flies are terrible. The no-see-ems (tree-mites) are awful this year too. I had on a white t-shirt and they were all over it.(they bite too).
Well it's very late here and I have a full day tomorrow. Have a good day all, and
don't forget to say "Hi" ya'll.
Enjoy the pictures everyone. Donna


Diane J. said...

I liked all the pics, but I especially like the one of Snowball. ;-)

I'm still batching it. Lamar is supposed to be home Wednesday sometime on Amtrack.

Good luck with your chicks. Are you planning for eggs, meat or both?

It's late and I have to get up early for church so nighty nite.

Love and hugs,


Sister said...

Hi Donna,

Loved seeing the pics of your flowers, birds, hubby and kids! Thanks for sharing. Have a great Sunday!

PEA said...

Hi Donna:-) I so enjoyed looking at all your how all your flowers are in full bloom! My neighbours are putting that type of pool in their backyard next weekend:-) Good luck with the eggs and keep those snakes away from me! lol xox

Mountain Mama said...

Who says birds don't have a sense of humor??? I think he was mooning you!
Your pictures are great. I bet you will all get some good use from that swimming pool. It sure would be tempting on a hot day.
Say I have that orange flower you call a Tigerlily, but here, it's called a Daylily. Sure is a pretty posy isn't it?
Hope you've had a nice week-end Donna.
Love from Mountain Mama

Cecil said...'s it goin? Good here..I like the pictures of the birds.. I can't look at a bird without thinking about Mama.. she loved birds.. guess we get that from her, huh? Nice pool... I am like Diane, I like the pic of Snowball.. gonna go for now.. talk to ya later.. Love .. Cecil

Rachel said...

Oh, I loved all the pictures!! I love flowers and birds and cats and people, so you had them all in there!!! That pool sure looks inviting as hot and humid as it's been! We need rain so bad. The lawn is getting brown in spots and crunches when you walk on it.

Have a great week!!

Susie said...

Hi Donna,
I loved all your pictures, but your Snowball is my favorite. Love those kitties!!

kansasrose said...

Hi hon! I enjoyed looking at your pics of your beautiful flowers and the brids. You are quite the birder! Your kitty was so pretty...that is so sad. Let me know how ya do with your chickens! What are you raising them for? Everyone that has them loves them. I can't stand snakes. I am praying for you all to get some rain. I have heard how dry ot is for your area...seems we are getting dumped on too much now. The skeeters are horrible and so are the dang flies. I have to wear citonella patches all over myself and then pour the cutter spray on to be outside to work. There is so much standing water in the fields to breed them. I love your roses too Donna. You have a green thumb girl! Loveya, Jen

Cecil said...

I guess B will just have to call you when he gets a chance.. he is working and going to Memphis so I guess he'll have to figure out a time for us to get together..Love ya

Meow said...

Sounds like you have been having a wonderful old time. Your photos are great ... so summery looking.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Take care, Meow