Thursday, March 15, 2007

Spring is in the air...and in my yard.

I went out today in the back yard armed with our camera.I found several signs of spring and wanted to share them with friends that are still stuck in the ice-age.
The hyacinths are the giant variety.They are any where from 12 to 18 inches tall. I received them in a Valentines flower arrangement about 7 or 8 years ago.When they were thru blooming I planted them in the back yard.
Next on the list is my blueberry bushes. I planted them in 1994 and 95. I usually have enough for all the sisters and fill my freezer up too.I also share with a few friends.One year I picked till I got tired,then let the birds finish rest.My freezer couldn't hold anymore and no one wanted to pick them.(that was before they went up to $2.99 a quart).I lost one of my bushes and replaced it last fall, it looks like a baby beside the other ones..LOL. I also noticed the fig tree is budding out.I hope it doesn't get won't hurt the blueberries.
I'm still fighting the cold thats going around..but so is everyone does like to linger.I hope everyone is having a good week....This waitress is tired and I'm going to look for a real hot soak my feet in ya know?LOL
Have a good week and enjoy the pictures...I think spring fever is getting to everyone.


Cecil said...

Hope you had a good day! Nice pics... gonna hit the hay soon.. thot I'd say hi... love ya.. Brian's mom is in the hospital.. they're not sure what's going on but it is something with her liver.. more news later.. love ya more

Cecil said...

Not trying to give you ulcers! LOL You can call me.. but am ok.. he he he ... just tired and ready to retire.... :( and be independently wealthy.. yeah right! :)

Greeneyes said...

Hi there
thanks for sharing your pretty pics , I was shocked to see the flowers in bloom , if you take a white piece of paper and look at it long enough you will see my yard HAAH , It is still up to your neck in snow , we had some rain but the snow is still here and still coming ! D R A T ! I wish I was with a garden like yours right now , thanks for the look as it warms my heart to know flowers still exist in the world haha.
your friend from the ice age hopes you have a great day and plenty tips .


Diane J. said...

There are signs of Spring all around me here, too. My redbud is about to burst into full bloom and my daffodils are blooming, among others.

It's been a hard day, emotionally. Hard week, actually. But, as I told Cecil, this too shall pass.

Hope you feel better soon, Sister.

Love you,


Granny said...

Haven't checked on your sister yet but I will.

Lovely flowers.

I envy you the blueberries. They're like buying platinum here (and so are pecans).

Even things like okra and zucchini are expensive.

Susie said...

Wow, all those blueberries!! As Ann said, they're quite expensive to buy here in CA. Love your giant hyacinths too. Isn't spring uplifting!

Mountain Mama said...

Lovely flowers! Your Spring is ahead of mine by at least a few weeks. Things are beginning to grow and bloom and sure are appreciated. Everyone is ready for SPRING!!!

Rachel said...

Well your yard is springing up very nicely!! Love all the pictures!! It's looking like spring here too and I'm mighty thankful!! Those blueberries sound great!!

Meow said...

Great photos, of a pretty garden.
We are heading into Autumn, so not much flowering happening.
Enjoy the Spring.
Take care, Meow

Mama Earthy said...

Such pretty pictures, Donna. Thanks so much for sharing the eye candy! :-)

And thanks for visiting my blog and saying what you did. You and I are of one heart, it sounds like to me!

Peace~ Andrea