Saturday, March 3, 2007

On the road again

Little Luci. Diane w/Baby Jessica;D

As most of you know Diane is with Baby Seth and his parents this weekend.Mikki had to make another trip to the Dr yesterday.Her blood-pressure is still up...So they have to change her medication,and there will be no breast-feeding.It was decided that this would be better for Mama and Baby.It's not determined what might get into the breast milk so to be safe ,to the bottle we will go.
From my understanding,Seth doesn't like to wait for his food:D...and he doesn't like his diaper changed either....and makes it well known..LOL..He promptly wets on any unlucky soul who changes him..LOL. Anyone who has a boy can tell you this.Stand to the right when changing boys...It's safer.Other than this...ALL IS WELL.
Aunt Diane is basking in being a (Great) Aunt ...and Mikki is talking about moving her in...Forever....NOT!!!!.
I think its the new mother fear,but she'll be a old hand before you know it.I think we all mothers and father go thru this.Then we get used to it.
Now to our bunch..My daughter is going home this weekend and the Grand-daughter is going with her.I'm sure she is excited to about going to school in their small town.I know she will miss her friends here...but she'll love there I know.
I'm sure she'll be back this summer for swimming and camping and all.Her Pop will see to it;D
We spent all afternoon at the Boy Scouts..The Pine Wood Derby was today.Jon didn't win,but he did place.We had fun watching the kids and seeing all the cool car's.
I think I'll go thru some of my old recipe books.I have a friend that sent me a WAY COOL Apron and some delish jelly too;D .Thanks Jen:D. I think I have some old...OLD recipes she would like.I know we have some of Mom's she would like.
I'm gonna go now and make me some hot tea,for my cold you see.When I talk to Diane again I'll post again.Have a good week-end all., and GOD BLESS.


Sister said...

Hi Donna,
I left a comment on a your "Times they are achanging" post, but wanted to also tell you that I hope you feel better. I've been behind in my reading, but have enjoyed getting caught up on everything going on with your family.
Drink your hot tea, get plenty of rest, and that nasty cold will be gone before you know it!

Granny said...

Rest and feel better. Hope Mikki's problems are almost behind her.

zzop357 said...

Thanks Sister,missed seeing you around.It's always nice to hear from you;DThanks for the nice comments,not everyone agree's with me I know.
But thats what makes the world go round.Come back and see me,You're always welcome:D.

zzop357 said...

Thanks also for the health tips Sister:D.

Monkey Giggles said...

Swinging in for the Ultimate blog party. Nice to meet ya.


My first party favor giveaway has begun. Come over when ya get a chance.

Greeneyes said...

Hi Again,
Hope your cold is getting better , then you can have baby cuddles , hehe ,,,,I have visions of Diane getting squirted real good ,LOL bet she is ducking and weavin LOL,makes me giiiiigle !
Nice ,she will need the practice for baby Emmy , well not the weavin etc but the rest .Hope Mikkis blood pressure comes down and stays down, poor thing, she will need all the help she can get while getting it under control.
You sound busy and have new things up and coming , life doesnt slow down does it , hope your good , and feeling better really soon . Take care

PEA said...

Oh dear, I do hope you recover from your cold sooner than later...they are such miserable things to have! I can imagine how much Diane is enjoying her time with baby Seth...and yes, I learned the hard way that it's not easy staying dry when changing a boy's diaper! lol Sounds like you had fun at the Pine Wood Derby with the Boy Scouts...I use to be in the Girl Guides and loved all the events we'd have. Take care:-) xox

Rachel said...

It's fun being a great-aunt!! I never had children but I remember my nephew when he was a baby and oneday they were changing his diaper and he just peed a big stream!! It was stand clear then!!

The Derby sounds like it was lots of fun.

Hope your cold gets better soon. Take care!!

Granny said...

Dropping by again to thank you for the comment.

Hope all is still going well.

Mountain Mama said...

Thanks for the update on Baby Seth. Too bad the blood pressure won't settle down.
I'm sure Seth will do fine with the bottle, but it sometimes is a great disappointment to the new mama. Bless her heart.
I remember helping my sons with their Pinewood Derby cars. My gosh it seems like eons ago! They loved Scouts and it was good for them.

kansasrose said...

Checking in here on ya all..Glad D is enjoying that new baby...and you take care of yourself and get some rest too! take your viamins...I had to take those dang BP medicines for a month after my first girl was born cause my BP was up so I couldn't breast fee either...hope Mikki's BP comes down and I am sure it will but she is doing the right thing and tell her that bottle feeding is just as good...but I know she must be disappointed if her heart was set on the breast. But she did a great job bringing Seth to the world here safe and healthy and she is a HERO!!!!! YOU ROCK MIKKI! take care of yourself hon and talk soon...xoJen

Cecil said...

Hey.. Hope you're feeling much better. I am exhausted.. feet are killing me ... and it ain't even Friday yet! LOL Yes.. the baby is so sweet! Talk to you soon... Love ya more...Cecil