Sunday, February 18, 2007

We are Birthday Girls..

I thought I'd take walk down memory lane today.After all it is Cecil's and my Birthday;).
53 years ago today I started giving Mama a hard time.
I was her first child born in a hospital,the others were born at home.Mom was sick a lot with me,
in more ways than one.I'm sure she had the usual morning sickness and all that.But she also had to have gallbladder surgery when she was 6 months along with me.
Mom told me when I was born,I was long and skinny and looked like a little old man.How's that for a ego trip?It wasn't long till I turned into a skinny little tom-boy:).But not until I had every childhood disease that was going around.She said I had everything in a row.I had Big red measles,little red measles,chicken pox and strep at the drop of a hat.
The only thing I didn't get was the mumps...........I never had them,never been vaccinated against them,don't want them either.
I would have posted baby pictures of Cecil and I,but we don't have any.The picture (R) is of Mom on left (me)and grandma(Moms mother).Taken about 1958 or 59.I remember it was early spring.
The other picture is of Grandma,Susie,Ducky,(me)in grandma's lap,and our cousins from St.Louis.It was 1961 or 62,I know it was summer.
About a year or so latter Mom forgot what caused baby's and Diane came a long.Now i wasn't the only child with a odd birthday:).I turned 9 in February and Diane was born October 23,1963.
Our older sister's were born November 3rd, 1949(Susie) and 1951(Ducky). This was when I found out I wasn't the baby anymore.I was very disappointed.But I got over it.
Till about 16 months later,That's when Mama gave me Cecil.I wanted a cake...not a baby.I decided that (1) baby's woke me up at night,(2) you couldn't play with them,if you set it down it would fall over and make a lot of racket.(3)they smelled good after a bath,but if they stated grunting and get red in the face...they didn't smell good very long....
Top it all older sisters started getting married.THEN......THEY started having babies too.....Then not too many years down the road I started a family of my own...I had a son at 17,and a daughter at 22.
Like a lot of marriages in the 70"s and 80"s, it just didn't work.I won't go into detail,because I don't want to bore anyone.
I was divorced for 5 years and before I married again. This one has lasted.We've had our ups and downs and our in and outs.We've both lost our parent's in our 19 years together,we have watched our kids get married,have kids,get divorced.Get married and above all give us grand kids that we love dearly.You know,we used to be the young generation,now we are the older generation.
I was lucky in my 53 years.I got to see Joe(Diane)and Cecil(Lisa) be babies,grow up and now Diane is gonna be grandma,and Cecil a doting aunt.If we're lucky we'll be around to see Emmy(Jessica) and Seth(Danny and Mikki) and my newest grandchild(don't know what sex yet)grow up and bless this family too.Just like Diane and Cecil did;)
BTW,I want to Thank Pea for the special birtday wishes she posted for me.It means a lot to me that someone I have would do this for me;)THANKS PEA(HUGS). I also want to Thank my friends and family here and at home for stopping bye and calling,it means a lot to be so loved:).
Ya'll have a good Monday.I know I will.......Febuary 19,2007


Diane J. said...

Happy 53rd, Sister.
Love you lots. :-)


Susie said...

OK, I'm back on your real birthday to wish you a Happy Day!
Loved seeing all your pictures...
Do something fun today!!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday moma,i hope you know that i know that i depend on you alot moma and daddy too,i want to thank for everything you ever done for me in my life and my children,for once in my life i realize that luci and jon and josh come first,it took me long enough to realize that,i also realize i cant make everybody else happy so i would be unhappy but being i wanted to let you know i know alot of times i took you for granted and i never ment to hurt anyone but i ended hurting the ones i love the most and myself,and ron made me realize that luci is the one that needs to be happy too,NOT ME I want her taken care of with these doctors so i know whats going on besides nothing and im afraid that she is going to have to have special treatment because of her hearing and its got me worried ,and ron also made me realize that sometimes i depend on you too much and that i am grown and i need to act 30 instead of 2,moma i know that we havent always been close because i wasnt the greatest daughter growing up i also wanted you to know that im glad that you found happiness with daddy you deserve that,as much hell you went thru with butthole,your the best mom that anyone could ever ask for!!!you and daddy gave all of us the world,and i want to thank you for everything moma now i realize what i need to do,you have never been wrong in anything youve ever told me,i dont want you to think that i take you and daddy for granted because it took me along time to realize that i need to be your daughter and just except things for the way it is,you know i remember what grandma said along time ago when earnie took me and he passed out in the car that time i was so scared then but i couldnt wait to see my moma,and grandma said no matter what happens your moma will always love you and thats true,your number one in my life im just so grateful that i have you,i know that im a very difficult person sometimes to do things i dont mean to be..anyways moma you and the greatest grandma with jon,joshua and luci and i will never forget that,this month is one of the weirdest months but also the greatest months too,because you and aunt lisas birthdays i love you moma love tami

Kentucky Gal said...

I know I stopped by yesterday...but two greetings ain't too many is it?
Thank you for sharing your pictures and if I wasn't such a sissy I would have got up in my freezing cold attic today and hauled down some pictures of my sisters of which I posted two recent shots has a birthday today and the other was Valentine's day....see I'm the oldest of 4 and we are scatered all over the USA!!
Take care and have a wonderful birthday!!

PEA said...

Does this mean I have to sing again??? lol Oh dear, I can't believe I got your birth date wrong...oops! Anyway, Happy Birthday dear Donna...I do hope you're having a wonderful happy day and I expect to see pictures of the birthday girl stuffing her face with birthday cake! lol Hugs xoxox

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Happy birthday to you! And many, many more! Loved the pics!

Jen said...

Im a regular reader of Diane's blog
Happy Birthday
Hope you have a wonderful day

Anonymous said...

Hi Hon,
Happy Birthday and I hope you have 53 I really appreciate what you said on this blog...makes me feel good. I still love you even though you are getting OLDER THAN DIRT! Tanks fer leting me tipe on your paper.

zzop357 said...

Thanks to everyone who have dropped by,and thanks to my friends who come by everyday::).It's not everyday I turn 53,and I appreciate each and everyone of you.My Thanks to Diane(Joe) and Pea you helped make it special;)
Love you

Rachel said...

I loved this post and all the old pictures!! I will be 53 this May. (older generation?? I thought we were middle aged!!!) :)

Happy Birthday again!!!

Granny said...

Happy Birthday. Gosh, I almost missed it!!

Diane J. said...

Hey, Sis, thought I'd let you know that Jessica has a whopper of a urinary tract infection. They gave her 2 bags of IV fluids for dehydration and sent her home with antibiotics and antinausea meds. She's supposed to take it easy for several days, no work, etc.

Mikki is about the same, bless her heart. No word about her going home as of today when we were there.

Happy B-day again, and love you.


Cecil said...

Hey--HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! We had a meeting tonight or I'd have been on earlier..can't stay on long--gotta work tomorrow... I love you and I am glad you let me share your birthday.... and that you let me live...I didn't know until you wrote this that you let me fall over a lot.. he he he.... Wonder if I need a lawyer for that??? LOL
Hope you had a great day...Same time next year?? Oh, tell Johnny that Brian doesn't let me date.. and I don't think his wife will let him date either... lol Love you more...CeCiL

Big Mama said...

Happy Birthday Donna! I hope you had a good one. I loved looking at all your pictures.

Mountain Mama said...

I hope you had a wonderful Birthday Donna.
53! You are just a kid!!!

Greeneyes said...

Happy Birthday to you ,,,Happy Birthday to you,,,,,
sorry so late , and for a long and skinny little old man, you sure clean up good , great pics !
Laugh it keeps you young , enjoyed your post , hope you had a great day
take care

Lyndy said...

Just read on Diane’s blog that today is your birthday. I hope you had a wonderful day and will have a very blessed year.

Hugs, Lyndy

PS Continuing to pray for Mikki and will be praying for Jessica too.

kansasrose said...

Oh sweetie Happy Happy Birthday! Sorry I am a day late but I hope you had a beautiful day cause you deserve the best! You ROCK ON WOMAN !!!!!! Gotta run into town but I will be back...gonna mail off some goodies for ya! Take care now...Love, Jen xxxooo

kansasrose said...

also Prayers goin up for the mommas to be...Mikki and Jessica...candles lit for them and the precious little babies...

Barb said...

Yep, here I am again, bringing up the rear and a day late and a dollar short again. But happy birthday, Donna. I also with you 53 more. 106! That's a ripe old age to live to.

I hope it was a good one. Boy, all you girls have just got the greatest photos from when you were growing up. Love the new ones, too.

Sister said...

Well, I must be following Barb. I'm a day late here, too!

Happy Belated Birthday! Hope it was fun...

SombraKnight said...

Drat! I missed your birthday! But you know what? I'm gonna do it anyway...


And Many more!


Meow said...

Wonderful photos.
Hope you had a fabulous birthday ... sorry I'm late.
Take care, and have a great weekend.